See Angeles
Vital statistics
Type Major City
Level 800 ft. below Sea Level
Location Southern Seefornia
Inhabitants 4,000,000 Sea Animals

See Angeles is a city in Seefornia. It is a parody of Los Angeles, California. It has a population of 4,000,000 different sea animals. It is the main setting for Fairly OddSeesponges!.


See Angeles was inhabited by the Seabrolino Indians many years ago. They hunted fish and bears. When the sharks have come to the Seabrolinos, they forced them to work. The sharks made them go to church and read the Bible of Sea. The sharks left when the area became polluted. See Angeles officially got founded in 1901. The city grew and became a major city.


See Angeles has a downtown, with many sea surface scrapers and resturants. Main Street is very busy, especially on Friday Nights. 6th and 9th street are used very rarely, usually only for transportation. Algae floats above the undersea city. The city is very diverse. Most of the creatures are betta fish. Jollywood is the most famous place in all of Seefornia. The city has a university called USSA, which stands for University of Seefornia, See Angeles. About 40,000 students attend the university. SAA is the seaport that serves the area. Flights can go to many different places, incuding Chiseena, See Korea, France of Sea, and many others. See Angeles lies in a basin surrrounded by suberb cities. The largest one is Sea Beach, a parody of Long Beach. It has a population of 425,007 as of July 5, 2011.


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