Da Rules at Fairly Odd Baby

Da Rules

Timmy have Cosmo and Wanda... two years! But Timmy´s friend Tina Tribune have Olive Olivy one year and she invited Timmy to her party. Timmy must choose- his party or party of his friend Tina?
  • This episode reveladet a Tina is half jewish, because say " a gwt y´ar " and that in Yiddish ( jewish german ) means " hello "
  • This is first appearance of Mammi Magnifico. She looks half like mama Cosma and half like her son, Juandissimo. She looks to her son, who is between her and Blonda. This is first appearance of mrs Abdul in FANON
  • goof: Olive is on Timmy´s and Tina´s anniversary in one time
  • Timmy and Tina received fairies in same day, but Tina year later ( possibly in Abraca-Catastrophe )
  • goof: on Abra-Catastrophe Jorgen forget that gave Cosmo and Wanda to Timmy year ago, but in this episode remember it. Possibly think it is only first Anniversary, because he say only Fairy-Versary, no second








Bella ( cameo )

Tolive ( cameo )

Binky ( cameo )


Tooth Fairy ( cameo )

Blonda ( cameo )

Juandissimo ( cameo )

mama Cosma ( cameo )

mrs Abdul ( cameo, debut in fanon )

mommi Magnfico ( cameo, debut )


Wanda: Timmy, wake up! Today is your special day!

Cosmo: Your second fairy anniversary!

Timmy: ( Look to many fairies, what are in his room ) wow! That are two years with you guys!

Poof: Poof Poof!

Timmy: You right Poof, with you only one... but cool one year, because i love you! ( hugh Poof )

Jorgen: I, toughest fairy on universe... you wish happy Fairy-Versary!

everybody ( except Timmy and Poof, of course ): Happy Fairy-Versary Timmy Turner

Timmy: Is so great, thank you guys!... wait, my mobile phone rings!... yes?

Tina: a gwt y´ar Timmy! how are you?

Timmy: I fine, today i have Fairy-Versary

Tina: Cool, i have too, and i invited you to my!

Timmy: ok... bye! ( puts mobile ) guys, i wish for one super power - teleportation!


Timmy: thank you!

to be continued

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