Season 19 is the 19th Season of Fairly OddParents fanon. It is very unique than other season since, it remasters episode from the Oh Yeah! era to Season 3 of Fairly Odd Parents.


# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card Episode Remastered
1 Clones Wish Timmy wishes a 45 and a half copies of himself! But it goes too far... Unknown
Too Many Timmys!
2 Fairy Influenza Cosmo and Wanda get the Fairy Flu and their magic affects Timmy! Unknown The Fairy Flu
3 A Badge Plan While Timmy and Timmy's Dad hunt a Mythical Creature, Vicky has other plans with her scout team, Cream Puffs Unknown Scout's Honor
4 Humor-Man Timmy wishes to be a Super Hero. Unknown Super Humor
5 The Video-Game-fluenza Chester and A.J. play on Timmy's videogame console. Whilst, Timmy tries to save them. Unknown Power Mad!
6 The Yugopotamians After watching a alien movie, Timmy, Chester and A.J. act it out. Timmy wishes for an alien. But things seriously go weird. Unknown Spaced Out
7 An Romancing Wish Timmy takes his wish too far in order to attract Trixie. Unknown A Wish Too Far!
8 Training Dumb Timmy goes back in time to stop his dad from achieving a dumb thing. But, after he succeeds in stopping him, Dimmsdale goes out of control due to a paradox. Unknown Father Time!
9 Humble Ol' Crimson Chin. Timmy wishes Crimson Chin into reality. Unknown Chin Up!
10 Doidle Turner Timmy wishes that he and Doidle switch places. Unknown Dog's Day Afternoon
11 Identical Identity Timmy wishes everyone to be the same. But, this makes matters worse as Cosmo, Wanda and every other Godparent in the universe, become unable to recognize their god kids. Unknown The Same Game
12 25th A Day Timmy wishes Christmas day is everyday. But, It just gets busier. Unknown Christmas Everyday
13 Skatin' Against The Rules Timmy challenges Vicky to a skateboard contest! Unknown Hex Games
14 Play-Time Timmy wishes that he is doll sized. But, he needs to rescue Cosmo and Wanda! Unknown Boy Toy
15 Timmy The Know-It-All Timmy wishes to be smarter than A.J.. Unknown Smarty Pants
16 Bike Goes Vroom? For the annual Father-Son bike race, Timmy needs some extra cycling power and wishes up a bike that's unstoppable. Unknown Super Bike
17 Fairly Odd Timmy When you wish that your Godparents may switch places, things can go ruff! Unknown A Mile In My Shoes
18 The Anti's! Unknown Unknown That Old Black Magic
19 Being Battered Unknown Unknown Foul Balled
20 Timantha Of Dimmsdale Unknown Unknown The Boy Who Would Be Queen
21 Vicky's Turn Unknown Unknown The Switch Glitch
22 Sir Timmy Of Camelot Unknown Unknown Knighty Knight
23 About Time! Unknown Unknown Twistory
24 Foolish Day Unknown Unknown Fools Day Out
25 Goin Back Unknown Unknown Deja Vu
26 Against The Rules! Unknown Unknown Ruled Out
27 Eddie's Return Unknown Unknown That's Life!
28 Cyber-Timmy Unknown Unknown Information Stupor Highway
29 A Destructive Halloween Unknown Unknown Scary Godparents
30 A Star In The White Square Unknown Unknown Shiny Teeth
31 Double T Unknown Unknown MicroPhony
32 Giggle-A-Goo!-Goo! Unknown Unknown So Totally Spaced Out
33 Cosmo's Expo Unknown Unknown Cosmo Con
34 Wanda's "Short" Break Unknown Unknown Wanda's Day Off!
35 Switching Jobs Unknown Unknown Odd Jobs
36 Theatre Effects Unknown Unknown Movie Magic
37 Universa-Muffin Unknown Unknown Abra-Catastrophe!
38 Starting Over Unknown Unknown The Grass Is Greener
39 Cosmo And Wanda...FRAMED!? Unknown Unknown The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker!
40 Master Timmy Unknown Unknown Kung Timmy
41 Witch Culprit? Unknown Unknown Which Witch is Which?
42 Cut That Out! Unknown Unknown Pipe Down!
43 Crimsons Wave Of A Time Unknown Unknown Crime Wave
44 Fairies In The Basket Unknown Unknown Odd Ball
45 Case Of The Missing Wanda Unknown Unknown Where's Wanda?
46 Chip On This! Chip! Unknown Unknown Chip Off The Old Chip
47 Snowing Private Vicky Unknown Unknown Snow Bound
48 Timmy Cooper Unknown Unknown Engine Blocked
49 Criminal Wish Unknown Unknown Most Wanted Wish
50 The Wishing Game Unknown Unknown This Is Your Wish
51 No Z's Today Unknown Unknown Beddy Bye


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