Ridge Racer Type 4:The Fairly OddParents Version is a Fairly OddParents fanfic based on the PS1/PSX game Ridge Racer Type 4.


The Real Racing Roots,a famous racing event, is the ultimate test for the drift racers. The season is composed by 3 parts, 1st Heat (2 rounds), 2nd Heat (2 rounds) and Final GP (4 rounds). There are 8 racers which battle for the glory and the fame.

In this version, various characters from The Fairly OddParents race in the Real Racing Roots for the victory. But between dramas,rescues and betrayals ,there is a long way to go.


Micro Mouse Mappy (MMM)

Team Director: Trixie Tang

Manager: Tooth Fairy

Car Manufacturer: Age Solo (France)

Racers: Veronica, Doug Dimmadome


1st Heat: Prophetie (106 mph/171 kph)

2nd Heat: Megere (130 mph/210 kph)

Final GP: Licorne (150 mph/241 kph), Supernova (205 mph/330 kph, last race only)

Pac Racing Club (PRC)

Team Director: Chester McBadBat

Manager: Bucky McBadBat

Car Manufacturer: Terrazi (Japan)

Racers: Catman, Mr Bickles


1st Heat: Ambitious (106 mph/171 kph)

2nd Heat: Wildboar (130 mph/210 kph)

Final GP: Starlight (149 mph/240 kph), Destroyer (206 mph/331 kph, last race only)

Racing Team Solvalou (RTS)

Team Director: Timmy Turner

Manager: Chip Skylark

Car Manufacturer: Assoluto (Italy)

Racers: Cosmo, Wanda


1st Heat: Promessa (112 mph/180 kph)

2nd Heat: Fatalita (132 mph/212 kph)

Final GP: Infinito (150 mph/242 kph), Squalo (206 mph/331 kph, last race only)

Dig Racing Team (DRT)

Team Director: A.J.

Manager: Billy Crystal Ball

Car Manufacturer: Lizard (USA)

Racers: Principal Waxelplax, Remy Buxaplenty


1st Heat: Bonfire (107 mph/173 kph)

2nd Heat: Officer (130 mph/210 kph)

Final GP: Ignition (151 mph/243 kph), Reckless (208 mph/335 kph, last race only)


1st Heat

1. Botafogo Speedway (2.697 miles/4.342 km, location: Rio de Janeiro,Brazil)

2. Cloud Gateway (4.108 miles/6.612 km, location: Mt. Fuji,Japan)

2nd Heat

1. Marina Drive (3.335 miles/5.367 km, location: Singapore)

2. Copacabana Freeway (3.169 miles/5.101 km, location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Final GP

1. Pac-Man Raceway (1.987 miles/3.199 km, location: Yokohama, Japan)

2. Singapore Expressway (3.730 miles/6.004 km,location: Singapore)

3. Fuji Slopes (4.032 miles/6.489 km, location: Mt. Fuji, Japan)

4. 12 Hours of LA (5.336 miles/8.588 km, location: Los Angeles, USA; note: this race is a 12 hours endurance)


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