Rei is a girl that goes to Timmy"s school she is an exchange student from Black Oaks elementry school. She and her parents moved to Dimmsdale because of her father's job. At first she was scared being around some kids she didn't know but she got used to them. When she was seven her pet Rounge died. Character:She has blond hair put into buns known as The ox's horns style or buns with pigtails Her casual outfit is a sailor fuku is white and blue and she also wears black socks and brown shoes with white laces. Her eye color is hazel. NAME:Rei Lexi Hills Gender: Female Species: Human Race: American TRIVIA: Like lexi her orignal apperance was a fairy dog she was going to be veronica"s fairy god dog but was changed to a human. She Also Appeared In The Episode Kurai's Death In Two Scenes In The Battle Between Timmy,Spongebob And Patrick In The Audience And At Kurai's Funeral.
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