Raspberry Twist Magnifico is the Future daughter of Junior and Anti-Angel and is the Counterpart of Blackberry.


Raspberry Twist Magnifico is a hyper, heathy baby girl. She loves studying and being responsible. She can talk in full speaking words and can translate over 100 different languages, All being very odd and strange.


Raspberry has appeared in almost every episode of the Fairly Odd Future Series. She did not appear until her debut appearance, It Came From Beneath The Garden.


Raspberry is a bubbly, Happy-Go-Lucky, Egostic, with the heart of a Bunny Rabbit (Meaning she has a sweet, considerate, caring sole). She loves animals and the outdoors. She is much like her father, Who loves almost everything good and nice and sweet. On the other hand, Her mother is the complete oppisite.


Raspberry wears a Violet-Burgundy Sleeper. Her Hair color is a Velvety-Indigo color. (Similer to Purple and Blue combined). Her eyes are the same color as her sleeper, Which is Violet-Burgundy. Her Crown is Yellow like other Fairies' are.

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