Pryce Duskmoon Sparks
Pryce Sparks
Gender: Male
Species: Anti-Fairy/Fairy
Age: over 10,000
Birthday: N/A
Hair color: Light Blue and Black
Eye color: Dark Blue
Personal Information
  Fairies, Elves, Dwarves, Leprechauns
  Former Fairy Godparent/ Santa's Secret Watchdog
  Dimmsdale, next door to Charlotte Lillipedia
Love Interests:
  [Calypso 'Caly' Jingler
Caly Jingler-Sparks
Noir Jingler-Sparks (Daughter), Kalev Jinler-Sparks (son)
Production Information
Voiced by:
Ben Dinskin

Short Description

Pryce is an Anti-Fairy/Fairy Hybird who's exstistance came from a sarcastic wish. Because he is his own Anti-self, he makes for a very dangerous being. His passive nature becoming wild and unhinged on Friday the Thirteenth, much like an Anti-fairy. He is more nice natured than his wife, he is less prone to anger than she is as well. He wears a gold braclet which will subdue his anit-fairy side, when they are amongst the human population.

His hair is a very pale blue and black. His eyes are slightly darker blue than the pale blue in his hair. 

He began as friends with Caly Jingler. Eventually the two became best friends, him being the only person to keep her sarcastic nature and sometimes cutting word under control.He was more than happy when she accepted his marriage proposal. He suffered the same consquences when their second God-child was killed during a raid on London.

When Caly had their first child, Noir, he was overjoyed. When their second child, Kalev, was born a few years later, he found himself at peace.He was surprised when Caly got her rank re-instated and Santa Claus sent them on a covert mission to Dimmsdale.


Pryce is more passive than his wife. He is seemingly laid back and care-free. He doesn't seem like a serious type and gets along quite well with Jorgen Von Strangle, much to Caly's displeasure. However he can become serious rather quickly and gains a stern disposition.


  • He is voiced by Ben Diskin.
  • He's the only one who can get away with calling Caly, 'Cal'.
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