A Taste of Fakery
A Taste of Fakery Mandie was paroled after her parents demanded to release their daughter from her prison in Yugopotamia or they'll tear up the peace treaty. She decides to marry Mark Chang again. Meanwhile, Ivan Prestonovich, upon being introduced to Mandie by Mark, falls in love with her, and has a plan where Mark stays on Earth, while Ivan goes to Yugopotamia disguised as Mark by using the Fake-i-fier 2.0, along with his fairy godparents. Ivan confesses his love to Mandie, and they both get married, becoming the king and queen of Yugopotamia. All goes well, and Ivan enjoys his new life, but then his cover is blown. Mandie realizes she's been tricked, and captures Ivan's fairies. Ivan heads back to Earth, and Mandie intends to finish Mark off, before Timmy settles things with Death Combat. After Timmy, Ivan and their friends win, Mandie is forced to spare Earth and call off her marriage with Mark.
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