Pretty, Pretty Girl (Bratty, Bratty Girl) is a song sung by Cashlin Buxaplenty, Jessica McBadbat and Tammy Turner.


Cashlin: 3




I'm the richest girl in the school!

And I rule them all!

They make way for the Queen when I roam the halls!

Just one look at me

And it's plain to see

That I'm a pretty pretty girl!

Whoa oh!

Pretty pretty girl!

Move over Snow White!

Aurora, sleep tight!

Cuz there's a new queen!

That's right!

(music speeds up into a hip hop beat)

Tammy: She's a bratty little princess

Whose parents are super rich!

Jessica: But that really is no reason 

To act like a--

Tammy: You can't say that!

Jessica: What, "witch"?

Tammy: Oh. Never mind.

(original music restarts)

Tammy: She thinks she's the queen,

She thinks she rules!

Jessica: Treats us all like fools!

Tammy: Bratty bratty girl!

When will you learn?

Jessica: Bratty bratty girl!

Bratty bratty bratty girl!

Cashlin: I'm so pretty 

That all the boys want me!

Jessica: Your beauty is fake!

Make no mistake!

Tammy: Bratty little princess

With delusions of grandeur!

You think you're a princess, 

But you're just a fool!

And you're not the cutest girl at school!

Cashlin: I'm a pretty pretty girl! 

Just ask my mirror!

Jessica: I don't think the truth could be any clearer!

Cashlin: I'm so hot 

All the boys want a piece of me!

Tammy: No you're not!

All you are is vain and bratty!

Cashlin: I'm a pretty little girl!

Jessica: You're a Barbie doll!

Cashlin: I'm the cutest in the world!

Tammy: Hey reality called!

It said you need to learn to face facts!

Beauty isn't in how you look!

It's about how you act!

Jessica: Bratty bratty girl,

Living in your own world!

Cashlin: I'm a pretty pretty girl!

I shine like a star!

Tammy: Bratty, bratty girl!

That's what you are!

You're rich and spoiled!

You make me sick!

Jessica: That's the truth!

Cashlin: Says the poor blonde chick!

Tammy, Jessica: Cuz you're a--

Cashlin: I'm a--

Tammy: Bratty bratty

Cashlin: Pretty pretty 

Jessica: Bratty bratty girl!

Tammy, Jessica: Bratty

Cashlin, at the same time: Pretty

Tammy, Cashlin, Jessica: Little


(song ends)

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