It is a sequel to the episode Power Mad!,and merges within the Sonic The Hedgehog series,the Final Fantasy saga,the F-ZERO series,the One Piece saga,the Dragon Ball saga,the Super Mario Bros. saga,The Legend Of Zelda saga,the Transformers series and the EarthBound/MOTHER trilogy.


It's summer,and Timmy,really bored,says at Cosmo and Wanda that he wants a life-sized videogame (like in Power Mad!).The wish is granted.Meanwhile,Vicky wants to make a power surge by connecting the TV,the toaster,the VCR and the DVD player to the only socket in the living room.But Cosmo and Wanda use solar panels for plumping the game console.Meanwhile,Chester and AJ come to Timmy's house for the new videogame and they,with Timmy,start the 1st level of the game,the Final Fortress (final level of Sonic Heroes).After other ten (long) levels,they arrive at Vicky's House,the final level of the game.After this very long and extremely tough level,they finally approach Mecha-Vicky,the Final Boss of the game.After a very long fight,they clear the game and exit from it.

Levels and Bosses



Final Fortress Dr. Eggman
Interdimensional Rift Exdeath
Lightning Black Shadow
Thriller Bark Gecko Moria
Dimmsdale The Jack-O-Bots,Pumpkinator
Planet Namek Cell
Bowser's Castle Bowser
The Dark World Ganondorf
Decepticons' Hideout Megatron
Cave Of The Past Masked Man
Vicky's Mansion


Chapter Name

Level Name

Chapter Name

Final Fortress Ch.1:Ambush



Ch.2:Mission:Great Tree
Lightning Ch.3:Like a Lightning
Thriller Bark Ch.4:Thriller-O-Rama
Dimmsdale Ch.5:Halloween Nights
Planet Namek Ch.6:The Android Problem
Bowser's Castle Ch.7:The Koopa War
The Dark World Ch.8:Power To Triforce
Decepticons' Hideout Ch.9:Save the World
Cave Of The Past Ch.10:Earth Bound
Vicky's Mansion Final Chapter:Target:Vicky

Boss Stats

Boss Name




Dr. Eggman 50.000 250 100
Exdeath 120.000 320 250
Black Shadow 250.000 400 340
Gecko Moria 325.000 525 400
The Jack-O-Bots 50.000 (Gold),45.000 (Silver),99.999 (Diamond),70.000 (Ruby) 620 (Gold),400 (Silver),750 (Diamond),500 (Ruby) 480 (Gold),380 (Silver),655 (Diamond),530 (Ruby)
Pumpkinator 425.000 850 670
Cell 680.000 1000 825
Bowser 5.000.000 5000 2540
Ganondorf 25.000.000 10.000 7200
Megatron 50.000.000 25.000 12.000
Masked Man 500.000.000 100.000 75.000
Mecha-Vicky 999.999.999 250.000 150.000


Boss Name


Dr. Eggman 100.000 EXP,Egg Saber weapon won
Exdeath 180.000 EXP,Anti-Void badge won
Black Shadow 250.000 EXP,Shadow Armor won
Gecko Moria 500.000 EXP,Oars Summon won
The Jack-O-Bots,Pumpkinator 1.000.000 EXP,Trixie joins party,Jack-O-Bots summon won
Bowser 10.000.000 EXP,Koopa Shield won
Ganondorf 55.000.000 EXP,You Rock badge won
Megatron 100.000.000 EXP
Masked Man 250.000.000 EXP,Masked Man joins party
Mecha-Vicky none
Boss Mode bosses Cleared! badge won
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