Poof's Spellementary School Adventures

Poof's Spellementary School Adventures is a new Fan-Made series about Poof and his friends and their adventures at Spellementary School! See the Complete List of episodes on Poof's Spellmentary School Adventures here!

Main/Appearing Characters:

The new improved Adventures Of Poof and his times at Spellementary School!

  • Poof
  • Foop
  • Cadde
  • Anti-Cadde
  • Angel
  • Anti-Angel
  • Lulu
  • Anti-Lulu
  • Flowerbloom (Angel's cousin)
  • Flyshy (Angel's cousin)
  • Sparkleworks (Angel's cousin)
  • Louie
  • Anti-Louie
  • Lewis
  • Anti-Lewis
  • Ms. Helga Powers (Teacher)
  • Goldie Goldenglow
  • Anti-Flyshy
  • Anti-Flowerbloom
  • Anti-Sparkleworks
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