Poof is watching a tv show called "Spunky Dunky Dew"(parody of Scooby Doo) when Cosmo accidently sucks his eyes with a vaccum.He says "Neat! I found my lucky button! Wait where are my hands?"Timmy comes along and he is eating a Twist(parody of Twix) and then he burps so loud Mrs Turner comes upstairs.(Poof and Cosmo hide)

She tells Timmy that there could be a rat in the house burping loudly. Then she tells Timmy to get ready for school tomorrow. Next day Wanda sees a pair of eyes in the vacumum. Cosmo gets them and puts them in him.

Later,at school, Mr Crocker is planning to capture a fairy so he can rule the world! Then Poof comes in(as a school kid) and says"poof"! Crocker soons is supisious of Poof and takes him to his lab (disguised as a fair)

Poof is excited that he changes uncrotrollibly until he's a fairy! Crocker ties him up,puts cloth around his mouth,and puts him in a strong butterfly net(with conditioner).Later at lunch, Crocker storms in with the tied up Poof.Poof screams for help(but he is mumbiling). Everyone,except Timmy is hpynitized. Timmy wishes Poof free. But Wanda says Poof is in a butterfly net. Cosmo screams he is next and turns into a chicken and lays 100 eggs and burps out 1 worm!Soon the whole world is taken over! Timmy has an idea! Later at Mr Crocker's house Poof is struggling to get free but he can't! Then there is a knock and Crocker puts a sheet over Poof! Crocker sees a pizza with macoroni! he is distracted and eats it then Cosmo(as a hillbilly with a pig) tells him that's a bomb that will explode in 10 seconds and he starts counting slowly! Timmy sneaks in and unties Poof.

Wanda is so happy then they all leave! That night Timmy is thinking they forgot somrthing. Then Crocker runs by their house screaming then the episode ends!






Mrs Turner

Mr Crocker





3nd time someone has something on their mouth

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