Poof Gets The Boot is the first of 116 Wanda and Jerry short. Although Wanda doesn't appear to be the main character.


Mr. and Mrs. Turner are out and tells their "mouseguards", Jerry and Tuffy to guard the house. Just before they leave, Wanda calls her friends, Cosmo, Timmy, and Blonda. They tip toe inside, she sees them and guards the door. They climb up in the tree. Wanda pokes her head out, Timmy stops and asks Jerry to remove Tuffy, who bites his hand and runs.

First plan: Cosmo holds a whip to get the antennae touch it, Jerry's ear turns into a satellite. Cosmo swings to the window until Jerry "moves" the chimney and causing Cosmo to fail to get in. Timmy is on a slingshot, before he enter the window, Jerry caught him with a glove and turned him into a baseball with Tuffy as a pitcher and Jerry smacks Timmy to a billboard that says, "TILT OUTTA HERE!".

Second plan: Timmy holds a ladder and jumps, Jerry carries the ladder. Timmy holds the roof, causing it to be destroyed.

Third plan: They created a huge paper airplane with Timmy on board, it flies to the house. Jerry burns it with fire and the plan thus, fails.

Fourth Plan: They set a big seesaw, Cosmo jumps and the cat flies to Wanda's net and Jerry cuts it, leading him to the trash. Jerry jumps and the trash go to the fairy's seesaw and Timmy crash there, too. Anger.

Fifth plan: Wanda fixes the window himself, Blonda digs toward the house from underground, before she "touches" Jerry (who is in there). Jerry bites his arm as he walks out.

Sixth plan: The faries ride on the three-bike, where they enter the house, ended on the ground. Jerry picks the dust and puts it in the trash. The faries look, mad.

Seventh plan: "Mr." and "Mrs. Turner" arrive at the house. Then, Tuffy bites "Mr. Turner". Jerry pulls him away and Mr. Turner's entire "body" comes apart; the couple are actually the faries in disguise. Jerry chases them up a tree, but not before they've grabbed some sandwiches from the house. Blonda comes down the tree to remove Tuffy from his hand, handing him to Jerry: "This your kid?"

In the last scene, the faries are eating sandwiches in the tree and Blonda refers to Jerry as a good mouseguards—and Tuffy as a "chip off the old chip." Jerry happily says to Tuffy: "That's my boy!".


The episode originally replicated Tom and Jerry's Puss Gets the Boot. However, It was changed to "Scat Cats". A Spike and Tyke cartoon.

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