Please Remember Me! is a song sung by Trixie Tang, accompanied by Timmy Turner and Tootie, in "Remnesia". Trixie sings the song in an attempt to get her boyfriend Remy Buxaplenty to remember her after he is struck by Nega-Timmy's amnesia ray.


Timmy and Tootie: Please remember
Trixie: Me! Me! Me!
(Repeats 3 times)

Trixie: Please remember me!
Timmy: Remember, remember, remember!
Trixie: If you don't, I will be sad.
Try to remember....
Tootie: Remember, remember, remember!
Trixie: You're really making me mad!
So please remember...
Tootie: Remember Remember Remember!
Trixie: Our love and its evil reign!
So please tell me, tell me, tell me you remember...
Or I will bring you...
Trixie, Timmy, Tootie: PAIN!

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