Series Name
Season 1, Episode 16
2 56
Air date July 30, 2010
Written by User:Jtsfan13
Directed by Butch Hartman
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Chicken Foops
Play Date Mood is the 16th fanmade episode of The Fairly OddParents from Season 1.



Foop wants to get married so Mal-Timmy goes and gets Trixie. Timmy finds out and sends his god parents to Anti Fariy World to get Trixie Back. Tottie was close and get poofed to Anti Farly World and Timmy told her that this is a dream. Tottie and Timmy Find Trixie And Foop. Timmy tries to save Trixie. Cosmo bumps into Timmy and he falls on Trixie. Foop is very mad and fights with Timmy and the episode Ends


  • Timmy once again has dark red hair but in the part where he tells Tottie that this is a dream it is brown and after he says that its dark red and when he comes in Foop's house its brown and in the ending its dark red until Foop jumps on him
  • This episode was released as a bouns feature on the Love in Dimmsdale DVD.
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