Planet Hotel
Vital statistics
Type Hotel
Level 23 Stories
Location Las Vegas in FOS
Inhabitants People and Workers

The Planet Hotel is a hotel that appears in the TV movie Mars Attacks! The hotel is owned by See Land.


The Planet Hotel looks like a flying saucer on a stick. It is located on the animated Las Vegas Boulevard and Seesponges Street. When the martians came to Earth, See Land wanted to create a hotel for them, but instead, they destroyed the hotel. The hotel is space-themed and has a huge model of the Earth on the top floor.


After the martians started their full scale invasion where they destroy all of the buildings of the world, one flying saucer came in front of the building and See Land said "woh". A laser came out and destroyed the base of the building. Light Towers on the top floor fell down and the Planet Hotel started to topple over. The model of the Earth moved and crushed the workers and See Land. Then the Planet Hotel itself collapsed and a huge pile of smoke rose. People nearby had to run away.


  • The Planet Hotel is a parody of The Galaxy Hotel in the 1996 film Mars Attacks!
  • See Land is also a parody of Art Land in the same film.
  • When the Planet Hotel was collapsing, the huge model of Earth is seen coming out of the building and landing on the ground.

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