(Turner's House)
(Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda pop out of the Crimson Chin comic book in their superhero form)
Cleft: Another day to save a fictional world from the forces of evil. Glad we can help, Crimson Chin.
(The Chin winks and Cleft shuts the comic closed; Cosmo and Wanda raise their wands and turned themselves and Timmy back to normal)
Timmy: Okay guys, now that our super work is done, let's get started on our regular work as promised.
Cosmo: And by "work", you mean goof off outside and do something we might regret later?
Timmy: Exactly.
Wanda: (unamused) This should be fun. Any ideas?
Timmy: (short pause) Hmm. Now that I think about it, I'm at a loss of what to do and wish for the day. With Timantha out on a date with Sanjay, Ivan and Chloe at Fairy World with Astronov and Neptunia supporting them for their 3000 wish tune-up, and Poof and Sunny at a Spellementary School field trip, I can't think of something big.
Wanda: Oh, don't worry sport, you'll think of something big, especially with just the three of us once again.
Cosmo: Yeah, it'll be (grabs a hold of Timmy and Wanda on the shoulder) just like old times!
Timmy: Thanks for the pep talk guys. Whatever's in my mind, I'll wish it out.
Cosmo: Aside from once being a mind reader.

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