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Pixies are one of the many magical races. Unlike Fairies, they have much more to define how they are feeling.


Trilling, unlike calling ("TTTTing"), is something mostly females have a habit of doing.

It is a noise created by a long, medium-high pitched noise, along with rapid fluctuation (fluttering) of the throat.

It is a sign of topmost adoration and affection, only done so for their lifemates and (sometimes) young.

Uses, meanings:

  • Quiet trilling: A 'song'
  • Normal trilling: "Hello, where are you? I love you!", "Hello", "I'm here"

Calling ("TTTTing"):

This noise is made to find someone they're affiliated with. (Family, friends, mates, children)

It sounds like loud fox chattering, or a loon call, depending on the gender.

Uses, meanings: 

  • Searching
  • Trying to locate someone

Screaming and Screeching:

When not screaming or screeching because of fear or surprise like humans, they do it because they can.

Many of them do it just because they can. 

Uses, meanings:

  • Useless noise
  • Sign of affection
  • Aggression
  • Fear

Hair Fluffing/Poofing:

Just like parrots, both males and females have the ability to fluff their hair. Female Pixie hair is incredibly soft, while Male Pixie hair is just somewhat more coarse.

Uses, meanings:

  • A quick tension relief
  • Playfulness
  • Tiredness (Only somewhat fluffed out, around someone they completely trust)
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Domination (Males)
  • No reason at all

Head Seizures:

Too much pent up energy.

Uses, meanings:

  • Exertion of unwanted energy
  • They're weird

Running around for no apparent reason:

Too much pent up energy.

Uses, meanings:

  • Exertion of unwanted energy


Again, much like parrots, Pixies are able to make loud clicking noises. ( / )

Uses, meanings:

  • Incredible stress
  • Incredible discomfort
  • Random noise (Quiet clicking)


Purring is a rumbling noise that comes from somewhere in their little bodies, and releases from the throat. It sounds like a cat's purr.

Uses, meanings:

  • Happiness
  • Contentment
  • Stress (Rarely)
  • Agony (Rarely)


Like birds, Pixies do it as well, mostly females, unless a male is taught how to. It variates from "combing" with the teeth through the hair, or gently scraping the skin. They lick afterwards to remove any dirt and germs preened free.

Uses, meanings:

  • To clean
  • Show affection
  • To annoy their children
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