• Crocker (Thinking): If I can steal that Youth-Inator, I can use it on any Fairy I see and use their more-powerful-than-adult-fairies powers to conquer Earth and gather all of its inhabitants and riches, So people will finally believe that FAIRY GODPARENTS exist!

  • Cosmo: Gimme that Gun, I can make this old piece of Pizza young again! [Throw Pizza into air, Zaps ceiling, The Bolt zaps everyone]
  • Anti-Cosmo: Cosmo you--[Gets zapped] Hnng! Agh!
  • Wanda: [Gets zapped] Aye! Yow!
  • Anti-Wanda: Wheeeeeeeeeee--OW

  • Timmy: C'mon, Kids! Whoever captures Crocker first gets a new tricycle! Kids?

[Cosmo, Wanda, Anti-Cosmo, and Anti-Wanda are see as babies]

  • Timmy: AGH! Babies!

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