Peril Above Popularity/Quotes

(Dimmsdale Beach; screen slides to the right showing everyone relaxing in the beach until it points to Trixie, Remy and their fairies in disguise; Juandissimo and Blonda as crabs snuggle; Trixie opens her eyes and taps Remy's shoulder asking him for a drink; Remy gets up and walks out and the fairies follow him; a few seconds later, a shadow appears behind Trixie; she turns her head and was in shock)
(Remy got back with the drink and noticed that Trixie is gone; he looks down and sees dragged looking feet on the sand and had a thought bubble noticing that Trixie has been kidnapped; Juandissimo and Blonda turned to normal; Juandissimo analyses the area and sees a picture on his wand seeing that H.P. and the Pixies took Trixie; the three huddle up and come up with a plan)
(Remy, Juandissimo and Blonda who are hiding see Trixie strapped in a chair struggling to break free; H.P. pulls up a business suit; the three had their eyes wide open noticing that the Pixies were planning to make Trixie their new employee; Juandissimo thought fast and triggered a magic blast disintegrating the suit and they hide; H.P. noticed he was being followed and commands the Pixies to track Remy and fairies down)
(two Pixies look around and see Remy walking near them with a mallet; they turned around noticing they were standing near a Strength Testing machine and Remy hits it making the two Pixies fly all the way up until they got hit on the head by the bell; five Pixies surrounded Blonda which didn't surprise her and she put her hands behind her back; screen makes a close up to each Pixie and their faces get kicked by Blonda's feet; one more Pixie sneaks up behind Blonda, but she punched him unconscious without looking; twelve Pixies see Juandissimo pop up from hiding and he turned them into bulls, then changed his clothes into Mexican bull rider clothes and pull up a red carpet making the bull form Pixies lose their minds and charge to the red carpet until Juandissimo rises the carpet up leading them to a brick wall and slam their heads; (SMASH) They turned back to normal looking defeated)
(The team made their way to H.P. and Sanderson; the fairies poof up tons of fun related stuff scaring them and the rest of the Pixies away; Remy unties Trixie; Trixie grabs a hold of him and kisses him on the cheek thanking him for rescuing her; the four walk out of the beach during the sunset)
(screen fades to black)
(Title Card ending)
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