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Gender: Male
Species: Anti-Fairy baby
Age: 1 year
Birthday: April 29th, 2027
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Violet-Purple
Anti-Blonda, Anti-Juandissimo,
Anti-Big Daddy, Anti-Big Mommy
His pet vampire bat.
Production Information
Voiced by:
Chris Sanders

Pentrenellisytheniso is Junior's evil counterpart and is the forth Anti-Fairy baby born in thousands of years. His family is Anti-Juandissimo (Father), Anti-Blonda (Mother), and he has a younger sister named Anti-Angel. He is alot like Foop, and is also Foop's best friend! (Along with Anti-Lulu and Anti-Cadde.) He is a very adorable baby, but don't be fooled, HE IS PURE EVIL! He can talk in full english, and has a very alien-like accent. (Since he is voiced by Chris Sanders.) His looks are good, but not his heart. He looks a bit like Poof, but is square. He has 3 curls on top of his head, one that is always in his face, one on the side of his head, and another on the other side. he has a baby blueish, white sleeper and has a little thin bow on the front. He also has a few freckles on his face and has one vampire tooth that hang's out of his mouth like a Saber-Tooth Tiger's does. He has eyelashes that are like Foop's, but there are only two, not three. Alot of magical kiddies at Spellementary School make fun of him because of his looks. Pentrenellistheniso is the firstborn son of Anti-Juandissimo and Anti-Blonda. When he cries, bad things happen, when he giggles, good things happen. He can talk in full english, and usally has a strange word phrase that was also his very first words in his very first appearance: " Pip, Pip, Cherrio my darlings!" He also seems to be half German, Half Irish, Half Japaniese, Half British, Half Australian, And of course, He is an Anti-Fairy! His current age is 5 months, 25 minutes and 66 seconds. (Or, So he's been told...Not that I know anything, But....) Rumor has it at one point in the episode "Choco Crazy!" he was trying to steal Nana Boom Boom's brownies for Anti-Cosmo. And in return he would get a"Whole room of Turkish Delight." It shows you right there that his favorate food is Turkish Delight and his favorate drink is Prune juice. In his very first appearance, He was seen having tea with Anti-Cosmo.


  • A New Baby in Town (debut)
  • A Spellementary School Valentine
  • Toddler Twist
  • Is There A Poof In The House?
  • The Next "77 Secrets Of The fairly Oddparents!" (Cameo)
  • Moddest Odds
  • Bran Babies
  • The Doomettes!
  • Angel's First Wand
  • The Baby-Limpics!
  • 13 Wishes: Friday the 13th
  • EL Poof-Poof
  • Spellementary School 3


  • He is in love with Angel and Anti-Cadde.