A song in the episode Happy Pekristmas.


Narrator: On the first day of Pekristmas, grandparents make a tea!

Cosmo: Hmm, this tea, so delicious!

Wanda: Cosmo, you're drinking us!

Cosmo: Oh no, I give him gas! [fart]

[on Pekristmas day two]

Narrator: On the second days of Pekristmas, we are throw the penguin!

Timmy: [he's go home, and he was hit by penguin]

[on Pekristmas day three]

Narrator: On the third days of Pekristmas, we're throw penguin again!

Timmy: [he was hit by penguin AGAIN]

[on Pekristmas day four]

Narrator: On the fourth days of Pekristmas, we have a penguin attack!

Timmy: Wait, did you say "Penguin Attack"?

Narrator: We did! [the penguin are attacking Timmy]

[on Pekristmas fifth day]

Narrator: On the last day of Pekristmas they are eat the special breakfast!

Timmy: Special breakfast? Thanks, everybody!

Grandpa Polar: Good morning everyone, today we have a special breakfast. First, we eat the pancake with grass syrup. Second, we eat the Live Turkeys. For dessert, ice chicken! [the live turkeys are runaway].

Timmy: [barfing]

[songs end]

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