Partying is Such Sweet Slumber!/Quotes

(The Miller's House; a shadow figure opens the front door; the camera moves with the persons point of view as it leads to Tootie's room; the person pats Tootie's shoulder waking her up in a gasp)
Tootie: Timantha?
Timantha: (holding a sleeping bag) Hey, Toot. You ready?
Tootie: Ready for what?
Timantha: Duh, for the slumber party in your house, or course.
Tootie: (shout) Wha... (quickly closes her mouth and talks silently) What?
Timantha: Don't you remember?
(flashback to Tootie playing on the swing set while wearing headphones; Timantha walks by)
Timantha: Hey, Tootie. Can the girls and I have a slumber party at your house tonight?
Tootie: (shouting) Whatever you just said, I'm looking forward to it!
Timantha: Great! See you at night!
(flashback over)
Tootie: I probably shouldn't wear headphones on the playground.
Timantha: I'm guessing you've misheard what I've asked and the party's off?
Tootie: I'd say so.
Timantha: (sigh) Okay. (walks out and shouts) Guys! Tootie says we gotta go!
(Tootie's eyes went wide open and follows Timantha until she smacks her head on the wall and fell on the floor)
Tootie: Oh, right. Not wearing my glasses.

(as Timantha walks her way to the front door; Tootie stops her)
Tootie: (whispers) Wait! Thinking back at it now, this is my very first slumber party. I really don't want to miss an opportunity like this.
Timantha: Then the slumber party's back on again?
Charlotte: (voice) Hello? What's going on up there?
(Tootie upstairs shushes Charlotte)
Timantha: (whispers) She changed her mind. The slumber party's back on!
Girls: Yay!
(Tootie and Timantha shush the girls)
Girls: (quietly) Yay.

(the girls lay on their sleeping bags)
Trixie: I'll be honest Tootie, this is quite a nice house of yours. And I'm not saying it's nowhere near as amazing as my mansion, but...
(Tootie gives Trixie a stern look)
Trixie: Sooo... any plans?
Tootie: Okay, my parents and sister are still asleep, and... wait... how did you get past Doidle in the front yard?
(Charlotte smiles as the screen flashes back on how the girls got past Doidle; Charlotte wrapped dozens of balloons Doidle hence making his fur puff up due to the static of the balloons; he started flying out of his dog house and into the sky; back to the present)
Charlotte: Let's just say, we hope he learns a new trick on floating in mid air. (high fives with Missy)
Chloe: This is going to be exciting!
Tootie: I take it you all must've had lots of fun in your previous slumber parties, huh?
(the girls look at each other with firm faces)
Missy: Actually, this is my first.
Chloe: Mine too.
Timantha: In fact, we all never had our first slumber party.
Tootie: You're kidding. Why?
Timantha: You know me, I was raised by my Pappy and had no one near my age to talk to at the San Diego Orphanage.
(camera moves to Chloe)
Chloe: Helped out a monster rampage back in my old town. Let's not go through all the details.
(camera moves to Trixie and Veronica)
Trixie: We had no real friends and we're anxious of how we really feel.
Veronica: Complicated popular kid stuff.
(camera moves to Charlotte and Missy)
Charlotte: It was hard living in Seattle, (stands up and does karate poses) which is why I defend myself at all times. Hi-yah!
Missy: And my dad forbids slumber parties.
Tootie: Wow, now I really underestimated some of you guys.

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