Pain, Pain, Go Away/Quotes

(The Amber's House)
(Rebecca parks at the driveway)
Rebecca: I'll bet you kids really enjoyed your half-day in school today.
Sally: What kid my age wouldn't have to enjoy a day like this?... (whispers to Stan and Eliza as her backpack and notebook) make wishes, of course.
Rebecca: What was that?
Sally: Uh, the fried chicken daddy's making tonight. I'll bet it's going to taste delicious.
Mary: And you say you're a vegetarian.
(everyone gets out of the car; Stu, Rebecca and Harry walk into the house)
Stan: So, what's the plan for today?
(storm brewing; grey clouds quickly appear and rain pours)
Eliza: (as she turns into an umbrella) Staying out of this rain, of course.
Stan: Rain on a half-day in school. That's almost never a good sign.
Mary: Uh-oh. Speaking of non-good signs, (camera shows Mercy approaching) here comes Walking-Growth-Spurt, right on cue.
Mercy: Out of the way, Ambers! I got a bus to take and a snot-nosed mini to babysit.
(the bus arrives and the tires drove through the rain flood on the street making it fly and splash on Mercy; she screams as she was splashed)
Mercy: (to Sally) Ooh, I'll bet you planned that, haven't you?!
Sally: You didn't have to stand there. You just got unlucky.
Mercy: Hmmm! You two are just the same as everyone else in this world, no one to look after me! Except my friends, of course. But still, why can't everyone else I meet be just as loving and caring as my big sister?
(Mercy walks inside the bus)
Mary: Nag, nag, nag!
(a delivery truck arrives and a box was tossed and landed on Sally's head)
Sally: Ow! Watch it!
Delivery Man: Sorry, kid, I'm in a rush from this heavy rain. (takes off)
Sally: (picks up the box) Funny, I don't recall any of us ordering Italian Monthly.
Mary: Hey, check the address.
Sally: I8, North Avenue. That's the address from the Dimmsdale Apartments not far from here.
Stan: And it's from Christina Frank.
Sally: Mercy's big sister?
(the bus leaves)
Sally: (trying to catch up) Mercy! Wait! I got a package from your...
(the bus is already gone)
Sally: ...sister.

(Christina's apartment; Sally and Mary with Stan and Eliza as parrots arrive)
Sally: Quite a cookie stand Christina's got.
Mary: Now I see why her address is called, "I8".
(Sally opens the door)
Christina: (off-screen) No! Don't close the--
(Mary closes the door)
Christina: (on-screen) ...door. Great. Now you two are stuck in here too.
Sally: What do you mean "stuck in here"?
Christina: These apartments are set to automatic lock-down during a power outage. So, for the time being, you two and your parrots with royal looking crowns are stuck here with me until the rain clears up.
Mary: Why can't we just wish ourselves out of here?
Sally: If we do that, Christina will suspect something, so we're just gonna have to sit this one through.
Christina: (as she lights up a few candles around the apartment) Luckily, I'm always prepared in situations like this. Hot cocoa?
Mary: Sure. Oh, that reminds me. (pulls out the delivery box) This was delivered to my house by mistake.
Christina: Oh, you got my magazine. Thank you!
Sally: No problem. Also, We had a little uh... run in with your sister earlier.
Christina: Ah, yes. Mercy's not feeling like herself today, and I should know too. Today marks the anniversary of the most miserable day of both our lives.
Sally: Miserable day? Hmmm. Mercy told me that she had no one in the world to look after her except you. Why is that?
Christina: For the same reason as me and my fellow modeling friends... We're orphans.
Sally and Mary: Orphans?
Christina: Yes. It was ten years ago today.
(a huge mansion)
Christina: (voice) My baby sister and I were once rich, wealthy, happy children. (camera shows her parents swimming through the money) But, one day during a family trip, Mercy and I went get some snacks as our parents were filling up for gas. When we got back outside, we noticed they were already gone. We walked our way back home and realized mom and daddy already moved out of the mansion and without us as if we never existed.
(Mercy starts to cry; Christina comforts her)
Mary: That's horrible.
Sally: That explains why Mercy is just as mean as the other B.R.A.T.'s.
Christina: Yes, I'm well aware of my baby sister's behavior towards you quote on quote, "minis" and "twerps", but there's honestly nothing I can do but hope for the best that someday she'll be a better person, as well as her friends.
Sally: So, what happened next in your early childhood? Something better I hope.
Christina: You hope right.
(flashback continues)
Christina: (voice) (Mercy and Christina as they hold hands walking in the streets with their clothes ripped and torn) We've been wandering the streets day after day. Broke and alone with no one else in our lives. No close relatives, no food, no water... (the sisters sleeping in a bench until two scary looking hobos scare them off) At first I thought the two of us were done for. (a shadow figure appear in front of them) Until we were found and sent to an orphanage.
(Mercy and Christina went inside and look around seeing the other orphan kids playing)
Christina: (voice) The headmistress, Ms. Grincheeks separated Mercy and me for us to befriend kids our age.
Young Mercy: Christina! Please don't leave me alone!
Ms. Grincheeks: Relax, child. You'll see your sister again. Very soon.
Young Christina: (touches her heart) I'll always be with you, Mercy. Just do what she says and make some friends.
(the door was slammed on Mercy as she stands in place)
Young Christina: (looks around noticing she's alone and pulls out a snack from her pocket) Now, I wish I can take my own advice.
Orphan kid #1: Hey, nice snack you got there.
Orphan kid #2: Think we can have a piece?
Young Christina: Well I... (snack got snatched) Hey! I didn't say you can take the whole thing!
Orphan kid #1: Yeah...
Both: What are you gonna do about it?
Young Diaz: (voice) Hey!
(camera cuts to the young Carly and supermodels)
Young Jamie: Leave her alone!
Young Alex: (grabs a hold of the orphan kids shirts) Why don't you try to pick on someone tougher than you instead?
(the two kids got scared and took off)
Young Christina: (relieved sigh) Grazie.
Young Diaz: What?
Young Christina: That was Italian for "thanks".
Young Diaz: Oh, okay, no problem. Friends got to stick together.
Young Christina: Friends? But we just met.
Young Janet: Smarter than you look. How do we know we can trust you?
Young Christina: Not sure. (head down) I'm just a lonely orphan girl whose rich parents left me and my sister behind.
Young Jamie: What a coincidence! We're all here for the same reason as you.
Young Christina: Really? Well then, I'd be more than happy to be your friend. My name is Christina Frank.
Young Diaz: Diaz Smith.
Young Jamie: Jamie Young.
Young Janet: Janet Allen.
Young Alex: And I'm Alexandra Grey. But you can call be Alex. (takes a step to the left revealing Carly is hiding behind her) And this is my little twin sister, Carly.
Young Carly: Hello.
Young Alex: She's shy, she doesn't talk much.
Young Diaz: You sure look hungry after being sent here. (pulls out a cookie box) Have a cookie.
Young Christina: Don't mind if I do.
Ms. Grincheeks: (swiped the cookie box before Christina could eat one) I'll take that. Stealing cookies from my office again, eh? (to Christina) For your sake, I hope you don't go to the same path as these little thieves.
Young Janet: But we're hungry!
Ms. Grincheeks: You'll eat a snack until I say so! End of story! Capisce?
Mr. Bickles: Uh, Ms. Grincheeks, we got a situation at room 23.
Ms. Grincheeks: Mr. Bickles, (take off) I told you to keep the Parr kids from wetting their beds!
Mr. Bickles: (follows Grincheeks) Oh, they've done a lot more than that, it you catch my drift.
Young Jamie: Ooh, that mean old Ms. Grincheeks!
Young Alex: Taking the fun out of snacks!
Young Diaz: And cookies!
All: Mmmm, cookies.
Christina: We got into lots of trouble together, sneaking into mean old Ms. Grincheeks' office to swipe her cookies.
(Ms. Grincheeks eating the cookies in front of everyone with a chuckling grin on her face)
Christina: (voice) She was so nasty, we swore to make sure she never got to finish those cookies. (the girls in their room draw a plan) So, the smartest one in our group, Jamie, came up with the perfect plan.

(The girls laying in bed with the blankets hanging over their heads and Janet holding a flashlight)
Young Jamie: And that's the plan. Everyone ready?
Young Janet: Anything to keep away from the smell of the (cover her nose) Parr kids beds for a little while.
Young Jamie: (as the screen shows the exact actions the same time Jamie's explaining the plan) Okay, every night Ms. Grincheeks locks the door to her office at exactly 21:00 hours. 9 p.m. just in case you ask. Once the coast is clear, We use the pins in Carly's purse as a key to unlock the door.
(young supermodels unlock the door and spot the cookie jar up above a 12 ft tall book shelf)
Young Christina: Oh, this is too easy.
(the others quickly stop Christina from walking inside the office)
Young Diaz: Yeah, for Ms. Grincheeks to catch us. Deep breaths, girls.
(the girls, minus Christina take a big inhale and blow around the floor revealing the office has inferred security beams)
Young Alex: Stand back. (cracks her knuckles and stretches) This requires a little agile finesse.
(Alex stealthly jumps around the security and strikes a pose at the end; Diaz pulls up an eleven, Jamie pulls up a nine and Janet pulls up a ten and noticed it was upside down showing it as a one, so she flips it over, giving Alex a perfect ten; Alex press the button shutting down the security letting the others proceed and bringing a red wagon)
(Jamie and Christina grab a hold of the wagon while Alex, Janet and Diaz are on top of each other with Diaz on the top trying to reach the cookie jar)
Young Janet: (as she struggles to carry Diaz with her right leg on her face) Oi! Why can't I be on top?!
Young Alex: You should've beaten Diaz's scissor with a rock instead.
Young Janet: Any time now, Diaz!
Young Diaz: Just a little more... Almost... (got the jar) Got it!
(everyone loses balance and fell down; the cookie jar slipped out of Diaz's hands)
Young Diaz, Alex, Jamie and Janet: (slow motion) Noooo!!
(the jar in slow motion was about to fall and crash onto the floor, but Christina quickly grabs it before it smashed)
Young Diaz, Alex, Jamie and Janet: Yes!
Young Christina: Phew.
Young Diaz: You are officially welcome to our team.
(Christina smiles)

Christina: Ah, those were good times. (pulls out her tablet showing pictures of her and the other models; one with Christina with a drawing of her and the others with jobs as cookie employees) It was pretty much my idea that we deliver cookies to others. Ever since our orphanage days, (picture of them as teenagers being rewarded employee of the month awards from their job) the five of us have become an amazing team. (picture of them in their current age hanging out and drinking smoothies) And we were more like a family now than friends.
Sally: Wow. What a story. But wait, what about Mercy? Whatever happen to her during her time at the orphanage?
Christina: Oh, right! (flashback to the orphanage) After Ms. Grincheeks seperated my sister away from me, Mercy pretty much had it tough for a bit. Picked on by the other kids, having her lunch taken. A year later, (Mercy's eyes closed in tears) something changed inside her... and made her finally stand up to herself.
(Mercy's eyes dramatically open; Mercy shoves a kid after he tries to steal her backpack and beats him up offscreen while the other kids were motionlessly watching in shock; onscreen, the kid was on the ground with his underwear over his head)
Young Mercy: Anyone else want some?!
(the other kids protest shaking their heads "no")
Christina: (voice) Ever since that moment, no matter what she does, it always leads to trouble. But, I can tell deep inside that my baby sister still has some good in her heart. (a ten year old Mercy looking down staring at her reflection at a pond) The only time she can be gentle is when she's around me, (fifteen year old Christina arrives behind her) the only person in her life to fully understand her pain.
(Christina rubs Mercy's head and Mercy smiles)
Christina: (current age Mercy tortures kids by making them eat vegetables, make them do her homework and watching Soap Opera channels) Yet, the darkness in her heart still overwhelms her as she currently has a job to babysit kids like you... the wrong way.
Mary: Well, it's official, now we know Mercy's true origin of evil.
Sally: I guess even some people weren't born being bad. Life don't always go as planned and it eventually bites you in the butt.
(lights turn back on)
Stan: Hey, the power's on again!
(Christina looks at Stan questionably)
Stan: I mean, squawk! The power's on again!
Sally: Thanks for the story, Christina. It sure was a nice to know how you got the interest in making cookies.
Christina: Super cookies, to be precise.
Mary: And you must have really made a fortune keeping this apartment, huh?
Christina: Well, I do have one more flashback before you go.
(flashback to the Dimmsdale Mall at the Women's Department)
Janet: I can't believe we were rewarded a fortune after we participated in the Jeopardy game!
Diaz: And all it took was for Jamie to help us out with the last word puzzle.
Jamie: Please, the word "koekje" was simple to know, even a ten year old can figure it out.
Alex: (looks at the dictionary) And it's Dutch for "cookie". Clever. Well, looks like it's time we went our separate ways and buy ourselves a new roof over our heads. You coming, Carly?
Carly: (look at her reflection) I'll be with you momentarily, I still got some shopping to do.
Alex: (as she and the other models walk off) Suit yourself.
Carly: (strike a pose) I look good in this dress.
(a few seconds later, Timmy appears running until he walks backwards to say hello to Carly)
Timmy: Hi, I'm Timmy.
Carly: (shows her tattoo with Timmy's name of her shoulder) Timmy?
Timmy: (shows his tattoo with Carly's name on his chest) Carly?
(Carly smiles wanting to know him, but Timmy took off and Mark Chang's vomit appears flying toward Timmy)
Carly: Ew! What was that, alien barf?!
(end of flashback)
(Sally, Mary, Stan and Eliza leave Christina's apartment)
Christina: Come back anytime.
Mary: (to Sally) If Mercy isn't around, that is.

(The Amber's House; Sally's bedroom; Sally sitting on her bed thinking)
Eliza: You're unusually quiet, something on your mind, sweetie?
Sally: I clearly pegged Mercy's life all wrong. After hearing about her miserable childhood, I feel kind of sorry for her. I know how to make it up to her. I wish...
(cut to Mercy as she walks home until she looks down and sees a box and opens it up)
Mercy: A letter? (opens it up) "I underestimated you, you clearly had it rough in your early life and I want it to write this down in paper because I know if I show up to tell you in person, you'd ignore me. Despite all the bad things you done, it's nowhere near as painful as the way your own parents abandoned you and your sister. I just want you to know there's someone else besides Christina who cares about you now. I hope you find it in your heart someday. Warm regards, Sally Amber."
(as the camera slowly zooms in in front of her; Mercy eye pupils wiggle)
Alyssa: What you got there, Mercy?
Mercy: What? Oh, (quickly hides the note inside her pocket) Nothing, just my babysitting paycheck.
Alyssa: Alright then, let's get going. The mini bagel pizza's getting cold.
(as the other B.R.A.T.'s walk by, Mercy stood in place while she quickly took another look at Sally's note and smiles, willing to keep it a secret and catch up to the other B.R.A.T.S's)
(screen fades to black)
(ending Title Card)

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