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(The Amber's House; Sally walks to her house)
Sally: I'm home from school!
(camera points to the Amber family laying on the couch with bored expressions on their faces)
Rebecca: (bored) That's nice, dear. Now, would you be kind is to pass me that book on the shelf?
Sally: Okay. (gives the book to her mom) Are you guys okay? You look like you all had a long dull day.
Stu: (bored) That's the beauty of it, dull is what makes the world a better place.
Harry: (bored) Who needs fun when you've got the only expression that makes life a joy?
Mary: (bored) And that expression is boredom.
Sally: Okaaaay... Well, (slowly back away) if you all need me, I'll be in my room doing my homework. (takes off)
Harry: (bored) Homework. The most greatest words in the world.
Stu: Quite so.
(Sally's bedroom)
Sally: Stanley, I need your help. My whole family has gone boring. I need you to... Stan?
(camera points to Stan wearing a Pixie uniform talking to himself in the mirror with a bored tone)
Stan: (bored) Look at you, your whole body is like the shape of a hotdog. One of the most fun and disgusting things in the world.
Sally: Not you too! Okay, whatever's happening to you, it's clearly not normal. Poof me to Fairy World!
Stan: (bored) Sorry, I don't speak fun.
Sally: (groans) (sounding bored) Can you poof me to Fairy World, please?
Stan: (bored) That's more like it. (raises a phone)
Sally: Uh, what's with the phone? Where's your wand?

(Meanwhile at Ivan's House)
(Astronov and Neptunia poof out of their animal disguises)
Neptunia: I can't believe this is really happening. Fairy World has just opened a new resort called Adventure Chasing. It says here that there is swimming, games and kart rides. I cant wait to go karting in the pool.
Astronov: Karting in the pool? Neptunia, I love you, but you've got to be the most non bright living thing in the world.
Cosmo: (heard) Hey, you guys? Where's Ivan's room? I'm stuck in the halls again.
Wanda: (heard) It's over here, you moron.
Astronov: I stand corrected.
(door opens)
Timmy: Hey guys. Are you ready for a Fairy World extravaganza?
Neptunia: Are we ever. (flies to Ivan sitting on a chair) Even Ivan's excited too. Look at him... looking... surprised?
Man on TV: And as you can see by the sun's radius, it's hot in Topeka?
Ivan: (bored) It's hot in Topeka.
Poof: What's wrong with Ivan?
Astronov: I don't know. (flies to Ivan) Ivan? What's going on?
Ivan: (bored) Oh, hello my fellow fairies and friends. Did you check the weather this morning? It's full of dull stuff to be excited about.
Timmy: Okay... That's unlikely.
Wanda: This isn't good. My magic scanner indicates that Ivan's got Pixified.
All: Pixified?
Wanda: Meaning that the Pixies somehow planted one of their new designs inside Ivan to make him act boring and dull.
Timmy: So?
Ivan: (bored) I wear long sleeve shirts under short sleeve shirts under long sleeve shirts.
Timmy: If he didn't sound boring, that statement would've sounded cool. Can't we just wish it out?
Astronov: It's not that simple. We have to confront the Pixies if we want to set that little chip off of Ivan.
Cosmo: Then (raised his wand) let's go!
(hot chocolate splats out of his wand)
Cosmo: Sorry. I've had a real party last night.
Wanda: (raises her wand) I got this.

(Fairy World)
Poof: Woah, what happened to Fairy World?
(Fairy World looking grey with all the fairies with Pixie uniforms)
Ivan: (bored) Isn't it obvious? Fairy World has become a better place.
(Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Astronov and Neptunia's clothes turns into Pixie clothes)
Cosmo: Ah! My crown. It's a stupid pointy hat again.
Neptunia: Now those were the most unmanliest words I've ever heard.
Timmy: That's it. Those Pixies are going down today.
(camera pans to the right showing Sally and Stan appear from a distance behind Timmy and the others)
Sally: (looks around) Okay, I know Fairy World, and this is a no Fun Zone. I can see that this situation might require an extra hand. (sees Timmy) Wait a sec... is that... Timmy Turner? (camera points to Timmy as Sally's voice is heard) Timmy Turner?
Timmy: (turns his head) Sally Amber? Is that you? I haven't seen you since the Zappys awards. How are things with you lately?
Sally: Not good. My godparent, (camera moves to Stan) Stan here has been acting very dull since this morning. I came to Fairy World to find out why.
Wanda: This is the work of the Pixies. They're responsible.
Sally: Pixies?
Astronov: They are a magical race just like us fairies and the Anti-Fairies. They use their magic as a business.
Sally: Sounds pretty boring.
Timmy: Exactly. We need to stop them before they take over more fun loving minds and this world.
Sally: Okay. I'll do whatever I can to help. (grabs and drags Stan) Come on, Stan.
Stan: (bored) Any one wants some unsalted, unbuttered and unpopped popcorn?
Sally: (groans) (looks at Timmy as she starts walking away) Hmmm... Looks like Timmy has a best friend. And he has fairies too. (sees Poof) and that must be Cosmo and Wanda's baby son, Poof. I've been hearing news about a fairy baby being born, but I was never around for it.
(Sally looks up and sees the Pixies)
Sally: (gasp) Those must be the Pixies!
(Sally hides near a tree)
Stan: (bored) Our lords and masters.
Sally: (grabs Stan and drag him near the tree) Quiet. They'll hear you.
(Sally watches H.P. and Sanderson flying to Timmy and the rest of the gang)
(Jorgen walks by)
Cosmo: Hey Jorgen, what's going on?
Jorgen: Desperate in need of seeing my mighty pecs again. Those Pixies will regret making me look like someone who wants to work out by using a pencil instead of barbells. Anyway, what's the sitch?
Poof: The Pixies has planted a chip on Ivan making him act boring.
Ivan: (bored) There's a cockroach in my face. It's must be planning world domination.
H.P.: (heard) Interesting. We were planning the same thing.
(camera moves to the Pixies)
Sanderson: The more victims we make boring, the better this world would be.
H.P.: I wish I could say the same for Anti-Fairy World, but let them keep their side of mayhem.
Jorgen: You won't get away with this, you pointy headed freaks!
H.P.: We already have.
Sanderson: In fact, we'll do it again.
H.P.: Later, punks.
(Pixies fly away with a boring laugh)
(Sally pops out of the tree and confronts the Pixies)
Sally: Stop right there, Pixies!
Sanderson: Well, looks like we've got another pathetic godchild to save the day.
H.P.: If we wanted to be stopped, you're clearly the wrong person for the job. (pulls up his phone and poofs up phone wires all over Sally)
Sally: I can't break free!
(scene points to Timmy)
Timmy: I'd figure we should fight back.
All: How?
Timmy: You guys have Pixie magic. So, why not use their own source of magic against them?
Wanda: That's a good plan, but how are we going to round them all up?
Cosmo: Why not just poof us a giant suitcase and stuff them inside?
Jorgen: That does sound rather amusing, but it won't be enough.
Neptunia: Or we could poof up lots of business equipment and then smash them to get the Pixies attention.
Astronov: Neptunia, that's genius!
Neptunia: I have one of those moments.

(every fairy poofs up business equipment)
Jorgen: Alright, now that Fairy World is full of non muscular stuff...
Timmy: Let's crash this party!
(everyone having fun smashing the business equipment; Ivan laying on the floor)
Ivan: (bored) I hate fun.
Timmy: I sure hope the Pixies come here soon. I cannot stand hearing Ivan like this much longer!
(back to Sally and Stan confronted by H.P. and Sanderson)
H.P.: Soon, all of Fairy World will be ours (flies behind Sally) and once we've completed our task, (Sally spots a switch and knife in his pocket and quickly pickpockets it with her restrained fingers and turns around before H.P. turns around to her) you're Earth will be next.
Sanderson: Hate to break it to you, boss, but we got some fun activity going on.
(camera points to Timmy, his fairies, Jorgen and other fairies having fun by smashing business equipment)
H.P.: Excuse us, little girl, we'll be just a moment. (takes off)
(Sally uses H.P.'s tiny knife to break free of the phone wires)
Sally: Stan, we have to help them!
Stan: (bored) Why should we?
Sally: Uh, when I meant them, I was talking about the Pixies.
Stan: (bored) Sounds more generous. What's the wish?
Sally: I wish for a giant suitcase.
Stan: (bored) Much approved. (PING)
Sally: (to herself) Now to deal with the Pixies.
(fairies and Timmy gets trapped by a giant phone)
H.P.: Bad move, fairies.
Sanderson: Now you will taste the true potential of boredom.
(Pixies charge their phones, then get trapped inside a giant suitcase)
H.P.: (heard) How fitting. Being stuck inside our own favorite stuff.
Sally: That's what you get for messing with the fun.
Timmy: You totally saved us!
Sally: And in the nick of time too. I was able to find (pulls up a switch) this in Pen-for-Hat's pocket.
Poof: A switch?
Sally: One that will take the fun off of anyone with a small Pixie chip inside them.
(Sally presses the switch and those with Pixie chips in their bodies were shut off and they turned back to normal)
Ivan: Hey, I feel... excited now that that chip's off of me. I wish I could go somewhere fun.
Astronov and Neptunia: That's the Ivan we know.
Stan: Oh, what happened?
Sally: Stan. You're okay. But just to be sure, answer me this: Why do I love you?
Stan: Well, you used to love me, because I always poof you money, but after having to follow Da Rules, I gave you a new reason to love me, and that's studying bravery.
Sally: You're cured! (hugs Stan) Oh, I love you, Stanley!
Ivan: Hey, Timmy, (points to Sally) who's that blond girl with the ponytail?
Timmy: Ivan, this is Sally. We've met at the Zappy awards. Sally, this is Ivan, my best friend.
Ivan: Hi, I'm Ivan.
Sally: Sally Amber and this is my fairy godparent, Stan.
Stan: Hello Ivan.
Ivan: (as he and Sally shake hands) Nice to meet you.

(Fairy World back to normal, Fairies shoving the Pixies into a cannon)
Jorgen: You're going back to the funless lump of business you call home back where you belong. Fire the cannon!
(cannon fired; Pixies get launched)
Pixies: (bored) Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!
(everyone cheer)
Sally: Pop goes the Pixies!
Stan: Hey, Sally, I'm sorry for the way I've been acting all day. I...
Sally: No need to apologize, it was those pointy headed freaks responsible for the boring behavior. All that matters now is that things are back to normal.
Stan: I'm glad to hear that.
Ivan: I still can't believe those Pixies would do something so bad and... boring.
Timmy: It's in their nature, dude.
Ivan: Well, now that the nightmare is over, it's time to make fun wishes.
Neptunia: (to Ivan's ear) I think I know one.

(Adventure Chasing)
Timmy: Fairy World, you never cease to amaze me.
Ivan: You can say that again.
Sally: Do you hear a kart?
(Neptunia driving a kart to the pools)
(Astronov smacks his head in dismay)
Poof: Even I wouldn't have that kind of fun.
Stan: Do you think this is the last time we'll see those pointy headed freaks?
Jorgen: I'd like to believe that. But somehow, I doubt that very much.
Timmy: Hey, I just realized something.
All: What?
Timmy: Sally?
Sally: Yeah?
Timmy: The last time we've met, you lost the Zappy award, I believe that there was another godchild with red hair who entered the Zappy awards, who was that godchild again?
Sally: Winston.
Timmy: Yeah, or course. What happened to Winston?
Sally: Well, Tooth Fairy thought that Jorgen treated Winston really badly, and he was no longer his fairy godparent.
Timmy: So, the Tooth Fairy took over for him?
Sally: Nah, they decided that Winston doesn't need a fairy godparent, he's a bit too scared.
Timmy: What happened to Winston now since every miserable kid needs a fairy godparent to make themselves happy?
Sally: Well, he's trying his best to adjust to not having a fairy godparent.
Stan: Plus, I help him out every once and a while.
Ivan: I see. Anyway, I'm sure Pixies won't be back for a long time, wherever they are right now.
(Pixies stranded in the middle of space surrounded by fun stuff all around space)
H.P.: No amount of dull therapy will ever make this moment okay.
(back to the others)
Sally: Well, it's been fun, but I better get home and see if everyone else I know is back to normal. (as Stan raises his wand) Bye, everyone, and I'm glad I was able to help out.
Timmy, Ivan, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Astronov and Neptunia: Bye, Sally! Bye, Stan!
(Sally and Stan poof away)

(Amber House)
(Sally and Stan poof home)
Sally: Let's see if it works.
(Sally walks out of her room to the hallway while Stan turns himself into a parrot and follows her; the two see the family back to normal as Rebecca is typing down Police files of criminals online; Stu and Harry are playing checkers; Mary is doing push-ups with one hand behind her back)
Harry: Oh, hey, sis. Come on down, the family fun is just starting.
Sally: They're back! (runs downstairs)
Rebecca: I don't know how or why we were all in a sudden feeling of boredom, but I wouldn't want to have that conscience in this family.
Stu: We're the Ambers and fun is in our vocabulary.
Sally: You got that right.
Rebecca: And to prove that we don't take dullness from anyone, who want's to watch Loose Cannon Cop Who Doesn't Play by the Rules?
Sally, Mary, Harry and Stu: We do!
(watch the movie as the scene zooms out of the house)
(screen fades to black)
(Title Card ending)

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