One Crock After Another/Quotes

(school kids and later Timmy and Ivan with their fairies as school supplies walked inside the classroom and see Kevin Crocker)
Kevin: Hello, Timmy.
Ivan: Ahh! Mr. Crocker's shrunk! Timmy, did you make this wish?
Timmy: No, this is Mr. Crocker's nephew, Kevin Crocker.
Kevin: Nice to meet you, Ivan Prestonovich, I presume.
Ivan: Uhh, you too?
Crocker: (pops up from his desk) Less talking, more sitting!
(Timmy, Ivan and Kevin quickly ran to their desks)
Crocker: Now, I want you all to know that tomorrow, we're having a field trip to the zoo.
(Kids cheering)
Crocker: (pulling down a slide show) Here are the locations we'll be going to, the parrot exhibit, hairless cat exhibit...
Astronov: I can already tell this could be a weird zoo.
Crocker: And lastly, the giant crocodile exhibit.
Kevin: GUH!! I mean, GAH!! Still trying to get that right.
Crocker: I've already paired you all into groups of three. Turner and Ivan, you'll be paired with my nephew, Kevin.
Ivan: I'm not comfortable with this.

(Prestonovich's House)
Ivan: You still sure about Kevin, Timmy? After all, he is related to Mr. Crocker. He's like a Mini-Crocker!
Timmy: Don't worry, he's nothing like his uncle. The day I've met him, I didn't like him either, until I realized he was being used by Crocker to capture Cosmo and Wanda, but Chloe and I managed to knock some sense into him.
Ivan: Well, I feel better now.
Neptunia: I wonder why he freaked out after Crocker showed that crocodile.
Wanda: Maybe he's afraid of crocodiles.
Cosmo: That's crazy, he's a Crocker, and "crocodile" has the prefix "croc" on it.
Astronov: That made sense and is complete nonsense at the same time. It's uhh... un...non...not sense?
Timmy: Anyway, we might as well as keep an eye on Kevin, just to make sure he is afraid of crocodiles.
Ivan: But we're not entirely sure if he is deeply afraid of crocodiles.
(door knocks; Ivan opens it)
Kevin: I'm deeply afraid of crocodiles!
Poof: And there's the answer.
Ivan: Why exactly are you scared of them?
Kevin: Everything. The crawling, the teeth, the stalking eyes while inside the pond.
Timmy: Don't worry Kevin, we'll help you.
Kevin: You will?
Ivan: Absolutely. After all, we're friends, right?
Kevin: Wow, real friends. (hugs Timmy and Ivan) Thanks, guys.
Ivan: Feeling uncomfortable again.
Kevin: Sorry, never hugged anyone before.

(The Zoo)
Crocker: Attention dullards, you are here to experience the real weird education of nature. And with me is your chaperone, my mom, Dolores-Day Crocker.
Dolores: Don't forget to take your pills, Denzel. You'll get stomach bumps when you're in the zoo.
Crocker: They're manly bumps, mother! Wanna take a look?
Kids: Noooo!!
Dolores: First off, the parrot exhibit.
(Parrot exhibit)
Crocker: Here we are in the parrot exhibit. Home to one of the most annoying pests in the universe, besides FAIRIES!!
Parrot: Awwk! Besides FAIRIES!!
Crocker: See what he did there?
Parrot: See what he did there?
Crocker: Stop copying me!
Parrot: Stop copying me!
Crocker: That's it!
(Crocker pulls up a butterfly net, but more parrots show up cornering him)
Crocker: Oh, poopy!
Parrots: Awwk! Oh, poppy!
Crocker: GAH!! (runs from the angry parrots) Ahhh!! Mother!
Dolores: Moving on.

(Hairless Cat exhibit)
Dolores: This is the Hairless Cat exhibit, not to be confused with my bozo son's cat, Girlfriend.
Neptunia: (to Timmy) He has a hairless cat named Girlfriend?
Timmy: And just when you think my teacher couldn't get any weirder.
Dolores: These cats used to belong to weirdos, but now they've been sent to this zoo, after my son's TooYube video when he was being attacked by a ninja mom. Aside the fact that video was a huge hit. Now, we must get to our final destination before those cats give the rest of you kids pale skin.

Security Guard: So, you kids on your way to the crocodile exibit?
Dolores: Yes sir, Mr. Attractive bod, sir.
Security Guard: (weirded) Okay, well, I want you all to know the other crocodiles were sent to another zoo.
Timmy: How come?
Security Guard: They are afraid of the biggest crocodile in the exhibit, (shows a picture) Wild Beefy Croc.
Kevin: GAH!! Nailed it!
Security Guard: He is considered buff and extremely dangerous. Not to mentioned, and this is just a theroy, it might have swallowed an alarm clock, because he can make tick tock noise to freak out tourists like you folks.
(Tick tock noise; Kevin looking terrified; Wild Beefy Croc pops out from his habitat; everyone screams)
Security Guard: Nobody panic. I got this. (walks close to Beefy) Easy boy, let's not get too hasty.
(Wild Beefy Croc grabs a hold of the guard and throws him out of the zoo)
Security Guard: Okay, now you can panic!
Dolores: Everyone, inhale (everyone inhales) and exhale when you start running!
(everyone but Timmy, Ivan and fairies ran away)
(Beefy jumps out of his habitat near Timmy and Ivan)
Timmy and Ivan: (screaming) Guys, help!
(Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Astronov and Neptunia turned to fairy form)
Timmy: Poof him away!
(Fairies raise their wands, but Beefy snatched the wands and breaks them in half)
Ivan: Are you kidding me?!
Wanda: That's the last time I'm taking a weird field trip.
Poof: You say that every time we go on one.
Timmy: Well, Wanda, considering the time you poofed me to the alligators as a punishment, you had it coming!
(Ivan screams running from Wild Beefy Croc until he grabs a hold of him)
Astronov: Oh no!
Astronov and Neptunia: Ivan!
Ivan: Astronov! Neptunia!
Cosmo: We have to save him!
Kevin: (off-screen) Leave that to me.
(camera moves to Kevin with a heroic background behind him)
Timmy and fairies: Kevin?
Kevin: No over-sized crocodile hurts my friends. (takes off)
Poof: Kevin's gotten over his fear.
Cosmo: Go get em', son of Mr. Crocker's estranged half sister!
Kevin: Hey, hard skin!
(Beefy turns around)
Kevin: Drop the kid, you freak who's possibly on steroids!
(Kevin throws a banana; Beefy slips on it and falls near a pond; Ivan trying to hold on to his grip but was starting to slip)
Ivan: Fly, you fools.
(Ivan loses his grip, but Kevin grabs his hand in time)
Ivan: Huh?
(Kevin pulls him up)
Ivan: Kevin, you saved me and conquered your fear.
Kevin: Did I?
Timmy: You're a hero, Kevin. That was awesome!
Cosmo: Yeah, you certainly clean that croc's clock.
(Beffy off-screen spits the alarm clock out and it went to Cosmo's face)
Cosmo: Eww, tick-tock croc drool!
Dolores: (pops out from hiding along with the other kids) You saved the day, Kevin.
(fairies quickly disguise themselves)
Dolores: As a gift for your bravery, you get to choose where we can eat while on our trip home.
Kevin: I'd say, The Ice House Skating Rink. The drinks are on me.
(classmates cheer and group pile on Kevin and lift him up)
Classmates: (cheering) Kevin! Kevin! Kevin! (runs off-screen)
(fairies in fairy form)
Ivan: Best field trip ever. Also, the weirdest. Kevin sure is lucky. I don't know why he would be related to someone like Mr. Crocker.
Timmy: Speaking of which, where is Mr. Crocker?

(Parrot exhibit)
Crocker: (wearing parrot feathers) From now on, I am the Alpha Parrot.
Parrots: Awwk! Alpha Parrot.
(screen fades to black; Mr. Crocker and a hairless cat pop up)
Crocker: I'm taking you home with me. You can be Girlfriend's playmate.
(Wanda pops up)
Wanda: (to Mr. Crocker) Weird field trip.
(Title Card ending)

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