No Good Modeling Left Alone/Quotes

(Dimmsdale Elementary)
(Mr. Mulligan's classroom)
David: And that, class, is how you should never judge a book by it's cover. (school bell rings; kids walk out of the classroom) Have a good day! (looks one side of the hallway and the other) Okay, the coast is clear!
(the other teachers walk out of doors and they all sneak to the teacher's lounge and turn on the TV)
Chet: This is Chet Ubetcha with breaking news! It's a fashion disaster at the Dimmsdale Mall today. There isn't a single model balanced enough... (model trips and falls on stage) nor coordinated enough...
(another model thinks of a pose and makes a ridiculous one and falls off stage)
Diaz: I'm okay!
Chet: make it to season finale. If there's no one else in the city to make it to the finale, then the Dimmsdale's Latest Fashion series will have to be cancelled.
(the teachers protest)
Chet: Now, if you'll excuse me, my daughter Ivette and I will beg for the show not to be cancelled.
Ivette: Uh, no thanks, Dad. (walks out) I'm going to go and play hoops with Sally instead. (front and center) This is Ivette Ubetcha saying, "Good luck with your thing."
(Chet smiles nervously)
(David turns off the TV)
Waxelplax: This is terrible!
Bickles: I know, I hope they don't stop serving those cinnamon pretzels at the mall.
Wallace: What she means is, that the show will be cancelled unless someone lucky enough can make our favorite TV show continue airing.
David: Well, what can we do about it? (outside the teacher's lounge through the door with Timmy overhearing everything) It's not like we know someone who can do fashion.
Timmy: (to himself) But I do.
(door slams on Timmy; teachers walk out)
Waxelplax: Now that school's over, what do you say we all go to the cafeteria and bawl our eyes out near the onions?
(door slowly closes; a crushed Timmy fell off the wall to the ground with a thud)

(David walks out of the front doors and sees Timmy, Ivan and Chloe with their fairies disguised as birds)
David: Oh, Timmy, Ivan, Chloe.
Timmy, Ivan and Chloe: Hello, Mr. Mulligan.
David: Isn't this a pleasant surprise. Don't you kids have, whatever you do after school days?
Timmy: Actually, we have a confession to make. I overheard about the Dimmdale's Latest Fashion show being cancelled and we want to help.
David: Really?
Ivan: Of course, we'd do anything to help out our favorite teachers.
Chloe: Yeah.
David: Well, I'd imagine one of you might have briefly met a model before.
Timmy: Lucky for you, I have once.
David, Ivan and Chloe: Really?
Fairies: Really? (David looks at the disguised fairies) We mean, tweet?
Timmy: Her name is Carly, and she would be great for the show.
David: Well, Timmy, I sure hope this Carly would do a great job.
Timmy: You can count on it.

(Timmy's house)
Timmy: (typing on the computer) Okay, let's get more information about Carly.
Ivan: Your computer's connection sure is fast.
Timmy: It's actually Timantha's. She said I can borrow it while she's at the dentist. (ding) Here it is.
(screen showing Carly's profile)
Wanda: Carly Sophia Grey; age twenty, kind and supportive, professional practicing model and one of the top five ballet dancers at Dimmsdale University College.
Ivan: Wow, Carly sure looks beautiful.
Sunny: Sounds like she's just what we need to help out Mr. Mulligan.
Timmy: It'll be nice to see her again.
Ivan: Wait, you know her?
Timmy: Well, not as much as I do now. I was helping out Mark Chang fulfill his Yugopotamian five day holiday, F.L.A.R.G. and on the third day, there was the best party in the world and I couldn't remember it.
Neptunia: Why?
Cosmo: Because, the A in F.L.A.R.G. stands for "Amnesia". And somehow, Timmy had Carly's name tattooed on his chest.
Chloe: Must have been a blast.
Timmy: I wouldn't say that. On the fourth day, R, which was "Ranksgiving", Mark ate and chunked up a lot of human food. I ran like heck as far as I could until I met Carly in person. Turns out, she had my name tattooed on her shoulder. But, I didn't have a chance to talk to her, remembering I had to escape from Mark's vomit. Don't ask me more about it. And if you're wondering about my tattoo, I washed it off with ease.
Astronov: Well, I'm sure Carly can help out.
Timmy: Yeah, and it does say here that she's very supportive much like her distant cousin... Melissa Kelley? Who's that?
Poof: Says right here that her common name is Missy.
Timmy: Missy?
Wanda: You had no idea about it?
Timmy: Of all the times I've known Missy, she had never once mentioned her actual full name.
Astronov: And who would've thought she's distantly related to this Carly character?
Chloe: Well, it says here that Carly's great-great-great-great-great...
(as Chloe constantly says great, the sun goes down and the moon rises up; the moon goes down and the sun rises up)
Chloe: ...grandfather... (everyone wakes up) was married to Missy's great-great-great-great-great...
(as Chloe constantly says great, the sun goes down and the moon rises up; the moon goes down and the sun rises up again)
Chloe: ...grandmother. (everyone wakes up)
Ivan: (tired) That's very interesting.
Timmy: Well, enough chat. Let's go talk to Carly!

(Dimmsdale Mall)
Tootie: (off-screen) And what makes you so sure that this Carly person isn't another one of your back-up girlfriends?
Timmy: Tootie, for the last time, she's just someone I've met for only a few seconds while trying to avoid getting barfed at.
Chloe: Well, that statement took to a weird turn. But it's true, Tootie. Carly is a full-fledged young adult and Timmy's just a kid.
Cosmo: Yeah, and besides, those two would have been a couple if Timmy was five years older and Carly was five years younger.
Ivan: This mall is huge. How are we going to find Carly?
Neptunia: This may be a cliché question, but why not just ask for directions?
Wanda: Finally, someone who understands!
Timmy: Okay, okay. Let's ask those two salon women over there and see if they know.
(the gang walks inside the salon)
Timmy: Uh, excuse me?
(one of two salon women turns around and was surprised to see Timmy again)
Nancy: Well, well, look who's back, Lorraine.
(Lorraine turns her head and sees Timmy)
Lorraine: My, my, aren't you a sight for sore eyes. Came back to have your troubles scrubbed again, I see?
Nancy: And you even brought some friends and some oddly colored hummingbirds too! So, I heard not too long ago you took my daughter Missy out on a date to the movies.
Lorraine: Too bad you didn't date my daughter, Kristina. That's okay though. She's been telling stories about your gigantic love circle.
Tootie: (clears throat) I am his girlfriend... right now.
Nancy: Ah, you must be Tootie. Our daughters told us all about you. You are creepily obsessed over this boy.
Tootie: Was creepily obsessed.
Lorraine: Then I gather you must be here for a (pulls out hair supplies) hair re-do. Those pigtails could use some shortening out a little.
Tootie: (covers her pigtails) Uh, maybe another time, at least when I'm in the 6th grade.
Ivan: Actually, that's not what we're here for.
Chloe: (to Nancy) We're looking for your daughter's distant cousin, Carly. Any chance you've seen her?
Nancy: Oh, you're looking for Carly? She's with her sister and the supermodels at the women's department.
All: Thank you!

Modeling Agent: Alas, my season finale will be flushed down the toilet if I don't find a model with the right skills necessary to keep the rating up!
Janet: Sorry, Mr. Swindler, but it's like we said earlier, we...
Mr. Swindler: Yeah, yeah, yeah, "not balanced or coordinated for the moves I've whipped up." (sigh; walk off-screen) Guess it's back to my old job being a poet.
Christina: Don't feel bad, girls, what do you say we all hold hands, think happy thoughts and have a cookie?
Diaz: Christina, now's not the best time. I suppose you don't have anything to say about our final season of the show, Jamie?
Jamie: Well, due to our recent loss of balance and uncoordinated moving postures on stage...
Alex: Jeez, Jamie, while we're still young. Just skip to the simple part.
Diaz: Alex.
Jamie: There is no way any of us will succeed in making our last episode of the season a blast.
Ivan: Uh, excuse us.
(the supermodels turn their heads)
Ivan: (to Alex) Hello, Carly is it? My friends and I were wondering... (take another look at Alex noticing she's not Carly) Wait, you're not Carly.
Alex: Yeah, I get that a lot. Sorry, short-stuff. You must have confused me with my baby twin sister. (takes a quick look behind Ivan noticing Timmy) Hey, look who it is, girls!
Christina: Hey! It's the little boy who we were bouncing on his bed with and feeding him cookies.
Timmy: Uh, yeah. Glad you all remember me. And before we get into anymore pleasantries, I need to confess that I wasn't who I said I was.
Jamie: You weren't a depressed ten year old boy whose parents leave you at home everyday with a hateful babysitter who has a heart the shape of a black hole giving you nothing but more misery than you already have and you make up for it in your school by being extremely witty and clever?
Timmy: Oh, I guess I was pretty upfront about that, wasn't I? No, the other thing.
Janet: You didn't run away from home and take a very early career as a modeling agent?
Ivan: (to Timmy) Dude, really?
Timmy: Hey, any kid who wants the house to his or herself would have any kind of fun when their parents aren't around. What are you going to do?
Alex: If you're looking for Carly, she's five aisles from the mall ahead here.
Chloe: (as she and the others walk out) Thanks a bunch.
Christina: And I suppose the kid lied about being a magician and that he magically poofed us to his bedroom?
Diaz: I don't know, I'm too depressed about the show to even think about it.

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