Nicole Seesponges
Gender: Female
Species: Seasponge
Age: 16

Nicole Seesponges is a fanmade character. She is 16 and has many trophies. Nicole is a member of the Seesponges Family.


Nicole respects all people and even though she is very athletic, she doesn't brag about it. Nicole has won a few rewards for telling on Francis.


Nicole wears a blue T-Shirt and green soccer shorts. She is 5'6 and has brown hair and eyes.


Mr. Seesponges

Mr. Seesponges and Nicole rarely see each other, but they each show respect.

Melina Seesponges

Melina and Nicole love each other very much, but text each other a lot.


Wanda and Nicole have met each other before. They both love chocolate.


  • Nicole has won 3,000 different trophies, which is one of the most in the family.
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