Fannon season 5 episode 34










At school, Crocker tells the kids about a new student comming to join them from Oregon naned Marley Ann. All kids question about this new kids way of living to the possitive. All except Chester who sat by her in the Caffeterria and become his new girlfriend.

After school Vicky catches the kids on the way home telling them that hse needs to babysit all of them tonight. She meets Marley at first and wants to but didn't complement her on her red hair. At Vicky's house Timmy, Chester, AJ and Marley all deal with Vicky's nasty ways. It was untill then Marley stood up to Vicky when the boys are stopping her. Timmy turns to Cosmo and Wanda for magic but their wands are not able to go due to another fairy in the house. Timmy finds out that the fairy might belong to Marley.

Jorgan calls them all back to fairy world along with Marley with her fairy. Timmy has no idea what the heck is going on and neather do Cosmo or Wanda. Jorgan states that the other fairy they should watch out for is named Stinky. Timmy asked if he was related to Binky and yes, they are brothers. Everyone is superised to think that Binky has a brother anyway. Marley states that she had him as a fairy since she was 7 years old due to being an orphan. She came to Dimsdale with her sister Katelyn to live a new life. They even been stated that Stinky has the same personallity as wiki/Squidward Squidward.

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