• Neptunia's tall and thin design was inspired by one of Wanda's original concepts.
  • Originally, both Neptunia and Astronov were going to have orange hair and eyes before WikiaIvan1997 changed it so that they look different.
  • Unlike Cosmo, Neptunia went to Spellementary School, but she barely passed, which is likely an explanation for how she can't control her magic half of the time.
    • It is revealed a few times that Neptunia is smarter than Cosmo, making her the third dumbest person behind Cosmo and Timmy's Dad (fourth after Tony was introduced).
  • Neptunia is a fan of All My Biceps, like Jorgen.
  • Neptunia is allergic to styrofoam, as seen in "Spouse Swapped!".
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