Tootie: (waking up) Boy am I tired...(looks up at the ceiling and sees Tiffany hovering above her) AAAAAAAAAAHHH!

Tiffany: Pfft. I'm NOTHING like that push-over princess.

Tootie: Hey!

Timmy: She's a Dark Sprite.

Tootie: What's that?

Timmy The evilest kind of fairy. They can manipulare people and they can also even assume the form of any human or magical creature.

Tootie: But how'd she get MY form? Unless...

Timmy: Unless what?

Terry: Shut up, Trixie.

Tiffany: Those things on your neck. Are those your ears?

Crocker: I get that alot...Now sit down.

Crocker: And THAT is the Battle of New Orleans. Any questions?

Tiffany: (raises her hand)

Crocker: Yes Tiffany?

Tiffany: Seriously, are those your ears? Also, why are we listening to a boring old man like you?

All Students: (gasp)

Tootie: You see this girl here? Keep an eye on her. You'll be seeing her alot. Alright back to the show.

Terry: "Anti-aging cream", huh? Finally noticed those wrinkles you've been getting, Beatrice? (laughs)

Trixie: Ugh...Shut UP! And DON'T call me that!

Tootie: I wish I had a ham sandwich.

  • POOF*

Tootie: Thanks Timmy. (eats the sandwich)

Trixie: Ooh....

Tootie: You gotta be kidding me! People think THAT'S impressive? All she's doing is shape-shifting! I Have a GENIE BOYFRIEND, for crying out loud!

Trixie: Who'd want to watch a show about a kid with fairies anyway?

Timmy: (glares at Trixie)

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