Mystic and Faries is the 5th episode of season 9 and is written by User:That Gamer


Timmy's Mom & Dad go to an all-night club and leave Vicky with Timmy. Timmy dumps Vicky into the basement and goes to have some fun. He's about to wish up a party when the faries power gets cut off and they're all summoned to Fairy World. Jorgen Von Strangle tells them that a NEW fairy has come to Fairy World and they think he's/she's/it's evil and they're shutting off all magic until they find him/her/it. Poof finds the new fairy and the new fairy tells Poof to keep quiet. The new faries name's Mystic and he isn't a bad guy. Then he uses a secret stash of magic he has to poof them all back to Timmy's room. Timmy learns that he doesn't NEED the big wand to use magic and that he's half human. Cosmo & Wanda tell Jorgen about it (thanks to Mystic supplying a little magic so that they can poof to fairy world) but he dosen't believe them. Mystic then poofs to fairy world and tells Jorgen about himself. Mystic's proven innocent, but he can't live in Fairy World. So, he lives in Timmy's Basement. He kicks out Vicky too.


  • A parody of the Fairly OddParents theme was made, but it was never used until the DVD containting all of That Gamer's episodes was released.
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