Crocker: Okay students, hand me your French reports about the moon to me.

Crocker: (at AJ) F!

Crocker: Timmy, for once you get an A+!

A.J.: What? Do you even know French?

Crocker: No. Why ask?

A.J.: My report on the moon was absolutely French, you give me an F. Timmy's report was totally gibberish, you give him an A.

Crocker: Timmy's fault!

(Students start growling at him)

Timmy: Hey! What gives?

Timmy: Je voudrais un zumo de fruta varsagod.

Wanda: I would like it more if you you weren't speaking Fre-span-edish!

Timmy: Mi scusi?

(Wanda sighs)

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