Mr. Fullerton
Gender: Male
Species: Betta Fish
Age: 45
Personal Information
  Mr. Seesponges
  Mr. Cornfish
  Being the host for Sports Hut on Channel 5 news.
Grandpa Fullerton

Grandma Fullerton

Great Grandpa Fullerton

Great Grandma Fullerton

Mrs. Fullerton
Zeke Fullerton

Madison Fullerton Jack Fullerton

Production Information
First Appearance:
  Uh Oh! Shark!
Voiced by:
Butch Hartman

Zeke's Dad is a character of Fairly OddSeesponges. He has two sons named Zeke and Jack and a baby daughter named Madison. His real name is going to be a secret like Mr. Turner's. Mr. Fullerton is the husband of Mrs. Fullerton.


Mr. Fullerton is best known for being the host of the Sports Hut on Channel 5 News. He tells what is going on in sports. At home, he has the average life in See Angeles.

Episode Appearances

  • Uh Oh! Shark!: He was seen on the Channel 5 news running in the backround when a shark was attacking the building. While he was running, the two news reporters were talking about the shark.
  • He will make another appearance soon.


  • Mr. Seesponges and him have met, explaining why Zeke and Connor are best friends.
  • After he makes his first appearance, he will be called Mr. Fullerton.

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