Moving Day
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date June 28, 2012
Written by User: Anti-Cosmo Dude


Directed by Butch Hartman
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Moving Day is the sixth episode of Fairly OddSeesponges!. In this episode, the Seesponges Family moves but tries to decide wether or not it is a great idea.

Short Summary

The Seesponges Family realizes that their house is starting to fall apart and they are concerned. Meanwhile at school, Connor and Jenna are practicing for the play next week, Bullies Anonymous! When they get back from school, Mrs. Seesponges says that their moving to a city named Seeland miles and miles from See Angeles. Afterwards, Mrs. Seesponges has a flashback to all the good memories they had. She decides not to leave.


It is Thursday morning, and the Seesponges are having breakfast. They realize that there is a leak on the ceiling and then the whole roof collapses but no one is hurt. Mr. Seesponges is concerned. At school, Connor and Jenna practice for the play next week. It is called Bullies Anonymous. During recess, Connor plays basketball with Zeke and Jenna plays kickball with Grace. At the end of the day, Connor and Jenna walk home and find out that their parents are selling the house. Quintin came home from school early and is happy they are moving. Mrs. Seesponges cheers him up. When it is Friday afternoon, the Seesponges Family packs up. Mr. Seesponges still hasn't told the kids where they are moving. Jenna asks, and he says they are going to London, Seeland. They are suprised because they thought they were just going to move across the city.

It is now Saturday, and the kids realize something. They are going to never see their friends at soccer practice and school ever again. However, there still are soccer clubs in Seeland. While going to the moving truck outside, Mrs. Seesponges feels like she is missing something. She goes inside the empty house and remembers all of her memories. When she first brought Connor home from the hospital, Connor and Jenna playing in the backyard, and Quintin as a good baby (however, he isn't very good now). She feels like it is a bad idea to move, especially due to the fact she is pregnant. Mrs. Seesponges tells the rest of the family that she doesn't want to move, and the family cheers. Quintin cries because he wanted to move. Mrs. Seesponges cheers him up.

Additional Information

This episode is related to "Make Room for Baby" of Good Luck Charlie. It has Mrs. Seesponges having a flashback to when her kids where all young. This is a reference to Mrs. Duncan having a flashback to when her kids where young. There are also no songs in this episode.


Daran Norris as Connor / Quintin

Tara Strong as Jenna / Mrs. Seesponges / Grace URA Suspect

Tom Kenny as Mr. Seesponges

Jim Ward as Zeke Fullerton

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