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Monster Schowl is a story about Monsters, but animated to Fairly Odd Parents Cartoon. The story begins with Vampire Walks, and ends with the Episode, Monsters Rule. It has 6 Seasons, each one contains 20 episodes, except for Season 6, which has 50 episodes, which makes to 150 episodes. This fanfiction is made by Jmpua1263. The story begins with Vampire Walks, a new vampire/dracula, Cobierre Dracula, arrives in his new school in a Flying Taxi, Monster Schowl. He bumps into Howlvis Wolf, a "freshmonster", Cobierre and Howlvis became good friends, Cobierre also meets Frank Stein. In the next day, Zombies attack the halway of the School, the ghouls went to the Scarience Classroom, they locked the door. Cobierre was shocked when he saw nothing in the mirror when he looked, even Frank and Howlvis didn't know.

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Monster Schowl
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Cobierre Dracula Cobierre Dracula Frank Stein Frank Stein Tanya Stripe Tanya Stripe Seven Ocean Seven Ocean Howlvis Wolf Howlvis Wolf Naraneo Lus Naraneo Lus Ann Bominatable Ann Bominatable Roxeline Pharoah Roxeline Pharoah


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S1 - Copy (2)

  1. Vampire Walks
  2. Zombie Invasion
  3. Gross Teacher
  4. Physical Deaducation
  5. The Witch Queen
  6. 150 Glasses
  7. Black Bass
  8. See You Chocolater
  9. The Evil Devil
  10. The Monster Cave
  11. 250th Dayday
  12. A Mile Away
  13. Action
  14. I Got an A++
  15. Twenty-six Wishes
  16. The Ghostly Town
  17. Number of Life
  18. Number of Life II
  19. Weak Days
  20. Freaky Prom
S1 - Copy (3)

  1. Fire Away
  2. It Must Have been Love
  3. Let it Snow
  4. Back in Time
  5. Land Bombs
  6. Follow Me
  7. Trick Tok, Trick Tok
  8. Half is Enough
  9. Next Time
  10. Next Time II
  11. A Sunshine
  12. Fireflies
  13. 4500th Birthday
  14. Ghosts
  15. Truth is Always the Truth
  16. I Love Cheese
  17. Eye is the Prize
  18. Everything Changes
  19. Try it Up
  20. Scary R.I.P. |Rules In Pairs|
S1 - Copy (4)

  1. What's your Number?
  2. A new School Year!
  3. Both are Different
  4. Faster
  5. Let's Go to the Maul
  6. Energy
  7. The Beach
  8. Fright On
  9. No Problems
  10. Hoola Mystery
  11. There's no Light
  12. What's the Internet?
  13. Moother's Day
  14. Pather's Day
  15. I Hate the Rain
  16. The Annoyed Spider
  17. Ice Ice Baby
  18. Fire Wall
  19. Dear Brother Wolf
  20. Spear of Fear
S1 - Copy (5)

  1. Aurora
  2. My Bat
  3. Fashion Dizaster: Fashion Boom
  4. Fashion Dizaster: Pawris, City of Scares
  5. Fashion Dizaster: A Scar of Friends
  6. Kiss Miss
  7. Up to the Wind
  8. Blue Days, Red Nights
  9. Creeepy
  10. Worm Cakes
  11. My Own YooDoo Doll
  12. Home Ick Class
  13. Water in the Rail
  14. Explain the Colors in the Sky
  15. Prisma
  16. Miles of Pain
  17. HOP and HOF |Hall of Pain and Hall of Fame|
  18. Every Weak Days
  19. Stop my Idol, Stop the Fake
  20. I Caught You Right Handed
S1 - Copy (6)

  1. Fragrance is Fake
  2. Aráneam?
  3. Wow
  4. Amazing Aloha
  5. Cool Head
  6. Cool Head II
  7. Pull Out
  8. Long
  9. Heads in the Refrygurator
  10. I'm Scared
  11. When the Pink One makes Black Dresses
  12. Win the Pig
  13. Icy Eye
  14. The Monstnerds
  15. Banana Group
  16. A Bunch of Candy: Halloweenies
  17. A Bunch of Candy: Monster Costumes
  18. They look like Butter!
  19. Metal Head
  20. As Far as I Know
S1 - Copy (7)

  1. Your Wrong
  2. Bells Ring: Jingle Hells
  3. Bells Ring: Decksember 25
  4. Bells Ring: 2 Moonths Later
  5. Dead Tired: Pajamas
  6. Dead Tired: Pillows n' Blankets
  7. Dead Tired: Beds
  8. Dead Tired
  9. Iceriotalus
  10. Spirodalervis
  11. Wateruins
  12. Egytanya
  13. Rathathathat
  14. Scienikkists
  15. Wollavulls
  16. Batakurvillosticer
  17. In the Underworld
  18. Hospitalla
  19. Heart and Brains
  20. Dead Again
  21. Deadicated, Took the Time
  22. All as One
  23. Cry in There
  24. Black Mathematics
  25. Who Will She Choose
  26. B.T.R. |Break The Rules|
  27. Bathematics is Hard
  28. Since You've Been Gone
  29. Zumzumzumzumzum
  30. Scars
  31. Hazel Hair
  32. Allergy
  33. Zummer Starts Next Week
  34. Zummer Begins
  35. Visitor
  36. Red Car
  37. Blood Bath
  38. 2 Years Later
  39. Why Care?
  40. Kill the Evil Snake
  41. I Saw the Angel
  42. We Meet in the Hotel
  43. Park
  44. Bye Wolf, Hi Ice
  45. Black n' White
  46. Monsters Rule: Back at School
  47. Monsters Rule: Enemies
  48. Monsters Rule: Last Week of the Year
  49. Monsters Rule: Last 5 Days of the Year
  50. Monsters Rule

Cobierre Draculafont

  • Count Dracula
  • Pamela Vima-Dracula
  • Calli Dracula
  • Devin Dracula-Underworld
  • Dira Cula
  • Tanya Stripe
  • El Tigre Stripe
  • Cobi Batarata
  • Hydrovi
  • Socko
Fave Class Bathematics
Birthday January 1 Hate Class Physical Deaducation
Age 4500 Years First Appearance Vampire Walks
Specie Dracula Last Appearance Monsters Rule

  • Pawleen Wolf
  • Clawdeen Wolf
  • Howler Wolf
  • Margaret Wolf
  • Naharina Wolf
  • Justing Wolf
  • Miko
  • Milo
  • Desireely McFlame
Fave Class Geogrumphy
Birthday May 16 Hate Class Home Ick
Age 18 Years First Appearance Vampire Walks
Specie Wolf Last Appearance Bye Wolf, Hi Ice
  • Dr. Victor Stein
  • Frankenstein
  • Viana
  • Fria Stein
  • Donna Stein
  • July
  • Frankenweenie
Fave Class Home Ick
Birthday June 3 Hate Class Bathematics
Age 5 Years and 250 Days First Appearance

Zombie Invasion

Specie Frankenstein Monster Last Appearance Monsters Rule
  • Cleopatra
  • Ramses Pharoah
  • Uncle Joseph
  • Cristina Pharoah
  • Snapper
  • Sneli
Fave Class Royalty
Birthday November 29 Hate Class Not Royalty
Age 5,056 Years and 4 Months First Appearance Zombie Invasion
Specie Mummy, Egyptian Princess Last Appearance Monsters Rule
  • Selore Ocean
  • Selena Ocean
  • Sea Monster
  • Aunt Piranhia
  • Planeta
  • Neptunvee
Fave Class Physical Deaducation
Birthday September 6 Hate Class Skyence
Age 16 Years First Appearance Physical Deaducation
Specie Sea Monster, Neptune Fish Last Appearance Monsters Rule

  • Annie Bominatable
  • Snow Manny
  • Yeti Bominatable
  • Carrot
Fave Class Everything
Birthday December 2 Hate Class Nothing
Age 13 Years First Appearance

The Witch Queen

Bye Wolf, Hi Ice

Specie Yeti, Snowman Last Appearance Iceriotalus
  • Fiarina Ant
  • Nevi Reyossa
  • Daddy Long Legs
  • Operetta
Fave Class Skyence
Birthday April 30 Hate Class Everything, but Skyence
Age 17 Years First Appearance Freaky Prom
Specie Spider-Fire Ant Hybrid Last Appearance Monsters Rule
  • Cobierre Dracula
  • El Tigre Stripe
  • Catherine Katty-Stripe
  • Nelly Stripe
  • Tzakha Stripe
  • Catta
Fave Class Bathematics
Birthday August 3 Hate Class "Spell"ing Class
Age 7 Years, 34 Years (3 Lives) First Appearance 4500th Birthday
Specie Cat-Tiger Last Appearance Monsters Rule

Lulu Sondice Hydra Gorgon Bella Twilight Calli Dracula
Lulu is the daughter of the Ghosti Sondice, she is the "Gossip Queen", due to her blog that has 56K articles in 2 minutes. She is also the leader of the group "Gosswishper". Hydra is the son of Medusa and Perseus, he is a gorgon, he belonged with Medusa when Medusa and Perseus fought. Bella is the ex-girlfriend of Cobierre and also is a student in Cobierre's school, she is currently dating Justin Bitter. Calli is Cobierre's older sister, she thinks that Cobbiere should not hangout with Frank Stein. Calli is the princess of Batakurvillosticer.
Jerome Broomstix Dira Cula Buffo Broomstix Justin Bitter
Jerome is a wizard in training, he is one of the siblings of The Witch Queen. Dira Cula is a graduated cousin of Cobierre who visited him in "Dead Again". Buffo is the twin-brother of Jerome Broomstix and also a wizard in training. Justin Bitter is the famous singer known to monsters, he is the favorite of Tanya and dating Bella.
Jake Callovorflames Nelly Stripe Tzakha Stripe Willow Broomstix
Jake is the arch-enemy of Tanya Stripe when Tanya was in her first-life. He fought with Tanya over the Trophie of "Ping Fang". But Jake won it. Nelly is the brother of Tanya Stripe, he also fought Jake with Tanya. He hates Jake very much. Tzakha is Nelly and Tanya's adopted sister. Naraneo likes her. Her true parents are Zeus and Zellona Willow is the "Witch Queen" and the older sister of Jerome and Buffo. She is an ultimate witch, or as she prefers, "The Most Incredible W".
Janille Fire Angel Devinna Danilla Ice Nevi Reyossa
Janille is the twin-sister of Danilla Ice, they are enemies. Angel is the daughter of Angela and Hades. Danilla is the twin-sister of Janille Ice, they are enemies. Nevi is introduced in "I Love Cheese". She was the one who gave Cobierre Cheese. She likes Cobierre.
Fiona Fish Naia Clawdeen Wolf Luvilla Cupid
Fiona is Seven's girlfriend. Naia is the daughter of Mother Nature, Gaeia, she is one of the members of "Gosswishper". Clawdeen is the older sister of Howlvis. Luvilla is the daughter of Eros, she is the Love Queen. She was the former Cupid of Secrets. Her cupidmark is a Heart.
Corrie Cupid Chester Cupid Willy Wave Pawleen Wolf
Corrie is the first son of Eros, he is the Cupid of Desperation. His cupid mark is a Cupid Arrow. 
Chester is the second son of Eros. He is the former Cupid of Royalty but changed in to Cupid of Light. His cupidmark is an Angel.
Willy is a water-elemental. Pawleen is the younger sister of Clawdeen and Howlvis.
Eara Erthe Eve Erthe Firra Blone Viana
Eara is the niece of Mother Nature, she is a rock-elemental. Eve is the older sister of Eara, she is also a rock-elemental. Firra is a fire-elemental, she has a tattoo shaped and colored like fire. 
Viana is Frank's cousin, her surname is unknown.
Cavila Bat Devin Underworld Annie Bominatable Shane Bellas
Cavila is the "most bestest" student of Mr. Gross. Devin is the son of Purrsephone and Devil, his enemies are the cupids. Annie is Ann's sister, Annie appeared in many episodes including Vampire Walks. Shane is the son of Bella Bellas and Thomas Gorwithdon, he hates Tacos.
Percile God Selena Ocean Fria Stein Cristina Pharoah
Percile is the son of Medusa and Perseus and the twin-brother of Hydra. Though their parents sent them away from each other, they still are friends. Selena is Seven's cousin. Fria is Frank's older and bossy sister, she is also the leader of the "Fearleaders". Cristina is Roxeline's older and graduated sister. They both hate each other more than they hate their allergies.

Season 1
  • Zombies
    • Zelly
    • Zoe
    • Martin Yelpy
  • Ms. Tikka
  • Julie Andrellia
  • Grumpy Ivy
Season 2
  • David
  • Daniella Yelpy
  • Nina Dereivy
  • Jedderson Jefferson
  • Mae Tallick
  • Galle Lexine
  • Nabels
    • Narria Novia
    • Abbey
    • Bea O. Scar
    • Erie
    • Lili de Rochelle
    • Shandelle
Season 3
  • Moothers
    • Pamela Vima-Dracula
    • Margaret Wolf
    • Donna Stein
    • Cleopatra
    • Selore Ocean
    • Yeti Bominatable
    • Medusa
    • Mother Nature
    • Catherine Katty-Stripe
    • Fiarina Ant
    • Ghosti Sondice
    • Purrsephone
    • Angela Angel
    • Zellona
  • Pathers
    • Count Dracula
    • Frankenstein
    • Howler Wolf
    • Ramses Pharoah
    • Sea Monster
    • Snow Manny
    • Perseus
    • Father Heaven
    • El Tigre Stripe
    • Daddy Long Legs
    • Rip Sondice
    • Devil
    • Hades Devinna
    • Zeus
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