Money for Nothing/Quotes

(The Amber's House)
(Sally waking up and yawning)
Sally: Morning, Stanley.
Stan: (in parrot form) Mornin'. (turns to normal) You ready for another wishful day?
Sally: More than ever. But, time for breakfast first.
(walks to the kitchen and sees a table full of breakfast)
Sally: Wowee! You really must be preparing for work today, huh, mom?
Rebecca: Well, we need the extra food to give us enough morning strength to welcome our new neighbors across the street.
Sally: New neighbors?
Stu: Yes, they are the Toomes and they moved here from Colorado.
Sally: Sounds good to welcome new people.
Harry: Sure is.
Mary: Okay, I'm done.
(the rest of the family were surprised as they see Mary's plate already empty)
Harry: But, how?
Mary: I'll never tell.

(Sally's room)
Stan: Good news, Sally. The Fairy Council and I were having a conversation while you had your breakfast, and they stated that due to my amazing job of being your fairy godparent out of every other fairy, I've been given a one month limited amount of magic to have you wish for money!
Sally: (squeals) Really? I thought wishing for money is forbidden.
Stan: It is. But, as I've mentioned earlier about my job of being your fairy, I've been given power to grant you as much money as you want.
Sally: Okay! But I need to be smart on how I wish for it. Don't want my parents and brother to get suspicious. So, (eyes get wonky) I'll just wish for a pool of money in my bedroom!
(Stan raised his wand and poof up a pool of money)
(Sally swimming on the money)
Sally: ♪Counting the money, money sweeter than honey, money, money, this, money, money, that, profits will make my wallet fat!♪
Rebecca: Sally, the Toomes are here!
Sally: Coming! (to Stan) Poof up a bag for me to hide this money!
(Stan poof up a bag; Sally puts all her wished up money inside it)
Sally: Okay, now let's go meet the new neighbors.
(Stan turns into a parrot and the two walk out the room)

(Rebecca opens the door for the Toomes)
Man: Hello, new neighbors!
Woman: It's so nice to meet you all. We're the Toomes. I'm Fionna and this is my husband Cameron and my son, Winston.
(Winston comes out from behind his parents' legs)
Cameron: He's shy.
Sally: (to herself; lovestruck) I'll say.
(scene skips to the Ambers and Toomes talking inaudibly while the camera points to Sally and Winston talking)
Sally: So, Winston. What do you like to do for fun?
Winston: (quivering) Well, I like long walks in the park, drawing art and throwing tiny rocks and shells at the river.
Sally: Hmm... I can tell you're shy.
Winston: Well, I have social problems talking to people. Even girls.
Sally: Well, you sure didn't have any trouble talking to me - a girl.
Winston: That's true. At first, I was a little anxious, but there's something different about you that I can't explain about, something that makes me comfortable.
Sally: (blushes) I am quite flattered.
(scene points to Rebecca)
Rebecca: It's so nice meeting all of you. Well, we better get going for dinner. Come on kids.
Cameron: Nice meeting all of you.

(The Ambers walk out of the restaurant feeling stuffed)
Harry: Wow, that was even more than I can handle!
Stu: And thanks for helping us lend the waiter a tip, Sally. I don't know how you got all that money, but thanks anyway.
Sally: I have ways into saving my money.
(Sally and Stan as a butterfly wink at each other)
Rebecca: Okay family, let's all do what we want at the mall and meet back home at precisely 8:30.
All: Got it.
(scene skips to Mary walking to the halls of the mall holding a bag of workout clothes until she spotted Alyssa with a mischievous look and walks out of the mall)
Mary: Alyssa. I don't know what she's up to, but it's never good with her. (walks out) I'm gonna follow her and find out.
Man: (heard) Hey! You have to pay for those clothes!
Mary: (walks back in) Right after I pay for these clothes.
(Mary follows Alyssa and sees her walking inside the Toomes' house)
Alyssa: (heard) We're gonna have such a great time together. You two have fun while I torture... I mean... take some time to know the little angel.
(Cameron and Fionna walk out; Mary quickly hides under the bushes then looks through the window and sees Alyssa torturing Winston)
Winston: (off-screen as Mary watches in horror) No! NO!! Please! Anything but that! Oh, I can't even bear the agonizing pain I'm feeling in my brain!
Mary: This is bad. (dials her phone) Sally. It's Mary. I'm going to need some "magical" help.

(Sally and Stan poof near Mary)
Mary: Take a look.
(Sally and Stan look through the window seeing Alyssa standing near Winston as he bawls)
Stan: What a horrible, horrible girl.
Sally: Right? We need to teach Alyssa not to mess with new neighbors. (huddle up with Stan and Mary) Here's what we're gonna do. (whispers)

(Alyssa laying down looking exhausted from Winston's crying)
Alyssa: (groans) Don't you ever stop crying?!
(knock on door; Alyssa walks to the front door)
Alyssa: That, like, so better be your parents.
(Alyssa opens the door and sees a monster made out of money)
Alyssa: (teeth chattering noises) Wh-wh-what are you?
Money Monster: Your worst nightmare!
Alyssa: A monster made out of money!
Money Monster: Exactly!
(the money monster chases Alyssa around the house until it got her cornered)
Winston: Wow! I don't know whether to be amazed or terrified.
(Alyssa whimpers as the Money Monster's face comes close to hers)
Money Monster: (as it drools money out of it's mouth) Leave.
Alyssa: Whatever you say. (dashes out and writes and drops a note for the parents saying, "Had to go early. I had a bit of a nervous breakdown from watching a scary movie earlier this morning. But, it was nice to know your son. Warm regards, Alyssa Armstrong.")
Winston: Thank you big monster made out of money.
Money Monster: Don't thank me,...
(zoom inside the Money Monster showing that it's really Sally, Stan and Mary on the controls)
Sally: ...thank my powers of spreading fear in reality.
Winston: I-including mine?
Money Monster: On the contrary, I only scare those who are mean and merciless like your new babysitter.
Winston: (swipes the sweat off his forehead with his eyes closed) Oh, well that's good news. (eyes open) I hope one day... Huh? (looks around seeing the Money Monster is gone) This neighborhood's gonna take some getting use to.

(Sally's bedroom)
(Sally laying on her bed with Stan as a parrot)
Sally: What a day, making a rule-free wish, getting a new neighbor and a new friend, and scaring the skirt out of Alyssa.
Stan: That was a nice thing you've done for Winston.
Sally: Hey, I didn't want to have a new friend to be tortured. He's... a very... special boy.
(Stan nearly about to say something until Sally cuts him off)
Sally: And if you're going to say something about me more than liking Winston, yes. I do.
Harry: (head pops up through the hallways) Hey, Sal, Winston is here to see you.
Sally: (gasp) Okay, I'll be right down.
(Sally opens the door for Winston)
Winston: Hey Sally.
Sally: Hi.
Winston: You ready for that walk in the park you promised?
Sally: Wouldn't break that promise for the world.
(the two start walking to the sidewalk)
Sally: If you're looking to buy some ice cream, don't bother worrying about money yourself. I'm known for saving some dough, especially for a new friend.
Winston: Out of every other girl I've met, you are something else, Sally Amber.
(the two hold hands; Sally turns her head to the screen and winks)
(screen fades to black)
(Title Card ending)

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