Misty Samuel
Gender: Female
Species: Ghost
Age: 35 (died June 16th, 1987)
Birthday: November 8th, 1652
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Unknown
Personal Information
  Liquid Misty

Misty the Ghost

  The Dosey Home
Production Information
First Appearance:
Voiced by:
Misty is a ghost that appeared in a abandoned house that was abandoned 25 years ago. It is unknown which episode she first apperaed in, but she is scheduled to make an apperance in CRE4M.


Apperance Information

When Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda ,Spongebob, Squidward, Patrick, Tootie, Trixie, Mr. Krabs, Mystic, Misty and Poof went exploring in The Dorsey House they went to the music hall located in the manor and heard the door slam and the White sheet move but Timmy had a Video Camera and saw Misty


Misty is a ghost that wears a white dress with shoudler-length black hair that covers her face. She is pretty and Misty is very emotionless and quiet, or at least that what she supposed to be. After That Gamer bought the character, however, she was changed to being an obnoxious, whiny, pretensious brat who claims to be the original Misty. And, while the others deny it, it is technically true. Also, she is also a knock off of Misty, literally having the exact same name.

It is referenced, but not specfically, that Ghost Misty might have been murderd by a lad who looks like Ash Ketchum.


Scaring people, being obnoxious, claming to be TRUE and HONEST

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