Miss Branigan Original 2013

Ms. Branigan is in character of Kid Vs Kat , is the teacher of Math class Coop, Dennis and Lorm and Harley, between student performance highlights the deCoop , obtaining the highest rated classroom with 98% and Dennis then follows with 90% . She is blonde, blue eyes and like Fiona Munson long hair.Ms. Branigan is the girl from Timmy is in his house . In the movie " The Saga of the Fairly OddParents 4: The Return of the robobots " along with Grumpy and her friends inmadiato and timmy is chosen . Premiered in season 10 and replaced as Trixie Tang Tootie Timmy's in love from the 10th season of the series , after Trixie and Tootie have convicted in the School of Dimmsdale . This time was chosen and is the new star pupil school will soon Dimmsdale and Timmy Turner kiss replacing Trixie Tang Tootie . That was elected Miss Dimmsdale and was new queen and new Miss Dimmsdale . It is also the new baby sitter caring Poof everyday.

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