Melanie Fairywood

Melanie Fairywood

Melanie Fairywood


Melanie Olivia Fairywood is the daughter of a pixie (John Pixlerator) and a fairy. (Mallory Fairywood) She has two siblings, Harry and Willy and a fairy family dog, Woofy. She has a godbrother, too, Tommy Tyning. Her voice actress is Dionne Quan. (Trixie's voice actress.) 


She will debut in the Wishful Fairy Life show (a cartoon made by her owner) in season one.


"It's so exciting!! I'm a Fairy Godsister! OH YEAH!!! (everyone looks at her) Sorry, I just love to be a fairy."

"Hello Tommy, I'm Melanie, and he is my crazy brother, (Harry: Hey!)and... WE'RE YOUR FAIRY GODSIBLINGS!"


Coming soon.

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