(Dimmsdale Elementary; a golden car arrives; close up from the down view of the car door opens feet appear on screen; screen rises showing Dr. Fancyfree as she walks inside the campus)
(scene cuts to the cafeteria as Chester is eating a bowl of gruel)
A.J.: Chester, I just wish you would eat more healthy food instead of that garbage. Who knows what's inside that stuff.
Chester: Hey, it's a free country, and I know every taste of gruel I eat.
Waxelplax: (over intercom) All students, please report to second floor in the hallway to see Dr. Fancyfree for your check-up.
Timmy: Oh, that's right. A check-up for our health.
A.J.: Speaking of which... (points with his thumb)
(camera moves to the Chester digging through the garbage bin)
Chester: Chocolate supreme, pepperoni pizza, and half a slice of baloney sandwich. (mush them together) Now for the finishing touches and... (takes a bite out of it) Want some?
(Timmy and A.J. with their faces turning green gag, holding in their vomit)
Elmer: (as he walks past Chester with Sanjay) I've seen hamburgers that look more healthy than that.

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