Martin Mulligan
Marty Mulligan Stock Image.png
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 10
Hair color: Brownish red
Eye color: Blue
Personal Information
  Mulligan Family
  The Mulligan's House, Dimmsdale
Martina (girl disguise)
  Tommy Turner
Tammy Turner
Otto Buxaplenty
Greg Prestonovich
Jessie Prestonovich
David James
Celia James
Amanda Martin
Maxwell O' Leary
  Robot Vicky
Crockbot 9000
Charlie Amber
Tommy Turner (sometimes)
Love Interests:
  Amanda Martin
Fairy Godparents:
Juandissimo Magnifico (godfather)
Blonda (godmother)
David Mulligan (father)
Carly Grey-Mulligan (mother)
Mitzie (sister)
Alex Grey (aunt)
Melissa Kelley (distant first cousin once removed)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Meet the Mulligans"
Voiced by:
E.G. Daily

Martin Mulligan (commonly known as Marty) is one of the minor characters of The All New Fairly OddParents! that only appears in the future, and one of the main characters in The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation. He, alongside Mitzie, are siblings with a rich father that rarely seems to have time for them and a rich, beautiful mother that's kind and supportive. They share fairy godparents with Otto Buxaplenty.



Marty is a pale skinned boy that has short brownish red hair, and his face is heavily covered in freckles. He wears a green shirt and beige shorts, while in school, for special occasions, he wears a suit that consists of a black tuxedo with a red bowtie, grey shorts and black shoes. Marty's voice is similar to Rudy Tabootie from ChalkZone.

During "The Pet Showdown", he takes the form of a brownish red gerbil.


Marty is a kid who enjoys playing video games, sports and tell jokes. He's highly creative, an aspiring musician and a prankster. Marty plays on guitar, keyboard and tambourine, and, like Jessie Prestonovich, is also a talented singer. He's also secretly a tomgirl, as he likes girly stuff, and crossdresses on a few occasions.

Marty has a crush on Amanda Martin, who, alongside Jessie, is the most popular girl in school, and also fights his friend Tommy Turner on certain occasions for Amanda's affection before Tommy and Amanda broke up.

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