Martin Mansion
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Vital statistics
Type Mansion
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Location Dimmsdale
Inhabitants Toni Martin
Mandy Martin
Amanda Martin
Maria Martin
Tom Martin

Martin Mansion is where Amanda Martin and her family lives. It is located in Dimmsdale, and was built in the same site where Francis' house was once located before it was demolished while he was spending 12 years in prison.


The mansion is said to be bigger than the Tang and Buxaplenty mansions combined. It is colored red and pink, and is surrounded outside by well cut lawns, lavish terraces and a high wall. The mansion's roof also has a helipad. Much like the Tang mansion, it also has traps installed underneath the doorbell to ward off intruders.

The inside of the mansion has bright decor and a high ceiling. There are 4 entertainment centres, including the arcade with numerous game consoles, arcade machines, a bar that serves soft drinks, a movie theater and a ballroom for special occasions. There are 4 bedrooms: one for the parents, one for Maria, one for Tom and one for Amanda.

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