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(Timmy's bedroom; Timmy and fairies sleeping; Timantha, Ivan, Chloe, Astronov, Neptunia and Sunny barge in, waking up Timmy)
Timantha: Timmy! Wake up!
(Timmy gets a jump scare and gets his body smacked to the top of his ceiling and falls down)
Timmy: Can't I for once wake up without screaming?
Neptunia: You would if there wasn't an army of Sparkys running around over Dimmsdale.
Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof: What?!
(everyone looks through the window and sees Sparky clones everywhere)
Astronov: It's as if one Sparky wasn't bad enough.
(Timmy looks up and sees a ship take off)
Timmy: Hey. You know what? It makes sense now. That ship that just left belongs to the Planet of the Dads.
Timantha, Ivan, Chloe, Astronov, Neptunia and Sunny: Planet of the Dads?
Wanda: Timmy once wished for a ton of dads for him to spend more time with until things got out of hand. So, we've poofed up a planet for them.
Cosmo: Yeah. Later, the dads return and took his mom hostage until we've managed to rescue her and poofed up a planet of moms.
Poof: After that, they've came back for Timmy to have him support them of their individual jobs, until Timmy made us poofed up a ton of Timmys, large enough for one dad to have.
Timmy: Then one Timmy tricked my fairies into returning to the planet and forced them to grant their wishes until one of the dads and I rescued them and poofed up Sparkys for every Timmy. The rest, (points to the window) you've already seen.
Chloe: So, what should we do?
Timmy: We should head over to the Planet of the Dads and get the whole story.
(Cosmo, Wanda and Poof raise their wands; PLANET POOF)

(Planet of the Dads)
(The dads talking to the moms at the Planet of the Moms through their telescope)
Dad clone: So, how are you moms doing?
Mom clone: If you weren't constantly watching us through your telescope, we would answer that.
Dad clone: She's got a point, Dad. We've taken too much time seeing what the moms are doing.
Dad clone: Oh, really? Name one time... besides this time.
Dad clone: Their fancy dinners, their little thing called talking about our feeling, their rehearsals in Mom's Got Talent, and let's not forget about the shower incident.
Dad clone: I know, that was private and was definitely not good timing.
Timmy clone: Hey dad, you guys ready to have some fun?
Dad clone: Oh, you bet.
(kids and fairies appear)
Dad clone: Hey. It's the Timmy that created us!
Dads: Hi Timmy!
Timmy: Hey clone dads and Timmys. Um, we are here for a question to ask. Are your Sparkys not in your planet anymore because he's too much to handle?
Timmy clone: Heck yes!
Dad clone: Language, Timmy.
Timmy clone: Those Sparkys were a complete disaster.
Timmy clone: Yeah, I mean, sure they are dogs, but they've all been a magical pain.
Timmy clone: Making a dirt pile when we've just cleaned it up, licking our hair thinking that it's a squirrel, throwing up reindeer chocolate, if you catch my drift.
Sunny: (gags with a green face) I think I do.
Ivan: We need to get all the Sparkys out of Earth.
Wanda: Agreed.
Dad clone: If you want to catch those Sparkys, you should get the equipment from the moms planet.
Astronov: What's wrong with yours?
Dad clone: All we've got was rotten dog treats, but turns out, all it did was drove them away from us, making it harder to catch them.

(Timmy and the gang rides on Cosmo in the form a bi-plane)
Timmy: There they are.
(Sparky clones all over Dimmsdale)
Sparky clone: Hey, stop chasing your tail. We've got a revolution to rise.
Sparky clone: Say that to my itchy back.
Wanda: Is everybody ready?
All: All set.
Wanda: Good now, release the peanut butter!
(Cosmo drops a giant jar of peanut butter)
Sparky clone: Oh, extra chunky organic peanut butter!
(several Sparky clones rushed to the peanut butter and get trapped)
Ivan: Drop the squirrels!
(squirrels released)
Sparkys: Squirrels!
(Sparkys chased after the clones, surrounded them in a dead end and eventually get trapped)
Chloe: Now dropping the pasta!
(a pile of pasta falls down)
Sparky: Oh no! We're highly allergic to pasta!
(Sparkys run away but get caught by the net)
Sunny: We did it!
Timantha: We've got all the Sparkys.
Astronov: So, what should we do? There's nowhere for these Sparkys to live now.
Timmy: I wouldn't be so sure of that.

(Planet of the Dogs)
Timmy: Now the Sparkys have their own place and won't cause any more trouble.
Chloe: But Timmy, they're magical dogs. They might poof out there.
Wanda: Don't worry. We've also put a giant butterfly net around the planet so they won't get out.
Ivan: That's a relief. Now let's go home.

(The Turner's House; Kitchen)
Timmy: It sure is nice to be home with only one of us.
Dad: And it sure is nice to have a son to have weird things that makes me laugh.
Mom: Now eat your pancakes. We have a long day ahead of us.
Timantha: I got to say big brother, I'd take only one of us than more than one of us anytime.
Timmy: Me too. Though, I've been thinking, I've met you several months ago noticing I have a twin sister. You think those Timmy's feel sad for not having a sister?
Cosmo: (looking through the telescope) I think so.
Timmy clone: I want Timmy's sister.
Timmy clone: Well, so do I.
Timmy clone: Let's just go to Earth and get Timantha.
Timantha: Uh-oh. I wish there were Timantha's for every Timmy!
(fairies raise their wands and Timantha clones poof near the Timmy's)
Timantha clones: Hey, big brother.
Timmy clones: Yay! We have a sister now!
Timantha: Much better.
(Title card ending)

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