"Magic Remote!" is a bit similar to the hit FOP TV Movie "Channel Chasers", But is almost completely different.


The movie is like the episode, "Attack Of The Babies! ", Where Vicky finds a device that can turn people into babies, But is a bit different. The episode starts when timmy wants to go on a ride he is too young to get onto, So he wishes for a remote that could control ANYONE and ANYTHING'S ages. But Vicky soon barges in seeing what the noise was; And so that Vicky would not be able to find it, Timmy throws the Remote out of the window, Where it lands on Tootie, Who was walking by Timmy's house. She then takes the remote, and brings it back to her house, where she randomly presses buttons and transforms herself into a baby. When Timmy goes outside to get the remote, He sees it is missing. And soon, after seeing her sister regressed down to a baby, Vicky takes the remote from her sister and uses it on all of Dimmsdale, turning everyone into babies and young children, so she would have to babysit and get paid forever, plus, she would be able to stay alive forever! But, baby-fied Tootie and 10-year old timmy have a trick up their sleeve, or should we say...Tootie's diaper! At City Hall, Where Vicky has just turned the mayor and Chompy into children, They all pin Vicky to the ground while Tootie sits on Vicky's head, and starts to fill the diaper. Vicky could take no more and surrenders, then, Timmy takes the Remote from her and presses "RESET" on the remote. Then, A powerful surge of lightning shoots up into the sky like a firework, and turns everybody back to normal, Except Vicky, Who was transformed into an infant by Timmy, for revenge, and the episode end with Vicky still vowing revenge on Tootie and Timmy, who were now both friends. (Maybe even girlfriend and boyfriend, But nobody knows yet!)

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