Series Name
Season 18, Episode 4
Love Rectangle Title Card
Air date Febuary 3rd, 2034
Written by User:BabyPoof93

Butch Hartman

Directed by Butch Hartman
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Love Struck (Again!)
Lottie Cash, Lottie Sass

Love Rectangle is the 5th Episode of Season 18


A new and mysterious Rectangular Baby Pixie comes to Spellementary School and Poof and Foop fight over her.


Poof, Foop, and the rest of the Fairy and Anti-Fairy Babies are at School doing a test when Ms.Powers announces the Class would be welcoming a new student. She announces the Students' name which is "Silk Softiesoft". The door opens revealing a Rectangular-Shaped Pixie baby with gleaming green eyes. The girl then says hello, and floats to her seat. Foop starts to move uncomfortably and nervously in his chair, While Poof stares at the girl, Who looks back at him and winks. He then faints to the ground, With Angel catching his fall.
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