Series Name
Season 18, Episode 9
Air date Febuary 16, 2034
Written by User:Glitter Glam


Directed by Butch Hartman
Episode Guide
Evil in love!
A Fairly Odd Movie 2: Make a Difference, Timmy Turner!

Love Potion (Or Not!) is the 11th Episode of Season 18


Sparkleworks plans to make a Love potion in order to find Angel a valentine since she said she doesn't have a special somebody! Flowerbloom and Flyshy go with the plan! They make a Love potion for Pentrenellistheniso and Angel in order to make them love each other. But something goes wrong. They want to go on a date and get married! They must have given them a LOVE POISON!!!! The only way to break the spell is to keep them apart for 1 hour! Can the girls keep the couple seperated and succeed?


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