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Season 1

FOS: Fairly OddStarfish (season 1)

Title card Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
Pineapple Scented February 21, 2009 1A 11
After getting the pineapple messy with a huge party that they were throwing, the gang decides to clean up the pineapple. But Patrick was still trying to choose what to clean with, and messes the pineapple up with Dabreeze Air Freshener. With Cosmo encouraging him. He does it again and is sent to go to his house. What is he going to do to be able to go back to SpongeBob's house again?
The Krusty Kook February 21, 2009 1B 22
After a day of boredom, Timmy and SpongBob decide to go to the Krusty Krab to eat. Timmy was so excited about the patty that he wishes he was the best Krabby Patty maker ever. Then Mr. Krabs discovers how good Timmy is with a spatula and Timmy replaces SpongeBob. Then SpongeBob gets jealous that Timmy's the best patty-cooker ever. What will they do to get their friendship back?
Clarinet Recital February 23, 2009 2A 33
After going to Squidward's house and finding out how bad he is, Timmy wishes Squidward was the best clarinet player ever! But when he gets awarded for best clarinet player and gets invited to a clarinet competition, the magic can't win competitions! So he has to try himself to win the competition, or else something bad is going to happen. Green Goop. Meanwhile, Patrick gets trained to be behaved.
Waterlogged Parents February 23, 2009 2B 44
Mr. Turner and Mrs. Turner decide to go underwater and live with Timmy and SpongeBob. Timmy wishes they had gills and they have fun. But trouble happens when the bossiness comes to the pineapple, monument and rock. What will they do to make the parents less bossy and the neighborhood more fun without removing the parents from the place they want to be in and live in?
Krabby Patty Alert! February 24, 2009 3A 55
Plankton steals a Krabby Patty from Mr. Krabs and Timmy and SpongeBob try to steal it back, but trouble happens when Plankton installs the MLBCY (microscopic lazer beams crushing you) in the Krusty Krab! Now Mr. Krabs is going to need double the help and needs the rest of the gang to uninstall the MLBCY.
Patrick's Day February 24, 2009 3B 66
After winning a mayor-for-a-day contest, Patrick decides to make the town bow down to him and everybody gets upset. Patrick doesn't want people to upset because of him and wants to be friendly to them and still act them like as servants. The whole story, in the newspaper, gets spread widely across the ocean and Patrick gets embarassed, what's going to make him happy again?
Boating TV February 25, 2009 4A 77
After Timmy passes a driving test with Mrs. Puff, he gets to be the host of Mrs. Puff's new show, Boating TV as long as he signs the contract. But due to all the over-the-extreme driving that Timmy is going to be doing, he wants to quit. But he can't due to the contract. What can he do to make Mrs. Puff not want him as a host?
Poof, Poof! February 25, 2009 4B 88
After Mr. Krabs sees Poof and sees how cute and adorable he is, he wants Poof to be the mascot for the Krusty Krab (due to that everyone loves adorableness). But Poof, whenever he is sent to entertain the customers on the tables, he feel so embarassed that he is barfing up on everyone. And the Krusty Krab is rated the worst place to eat as a fast food restaurant. What will they do to bring back all of Mr. Krabs's loyal (and non-loyal) customers?
Squidsmo February 27, 2009 5A 99
After a get-to-know-eachother party, Cosmo and Squidward are revealed to be best friends and play together. But Cosmo, as fun as he plays, is too fun for Squidward. Squidward doesn't want to hurt Cosmo's feelings but want's to tell the truth. What will happen when Cosmo finds out of what Squidward thinks about him now?
Plankton Strikes Again! February 27, 2009 5B 1010
After another failing attempt to try to steal the Krabby Patty's secret formula, Plankton decides to give up. But Karen, won't let him, because she thinks Plankton is a winner. And she helps him make a giant robot which would help him steal the secret formula away from Mr. Krabs. He tries it and it worked! How can the gang steal it back before he peeks?
Timmy Patty February 28, 2009 6A 1111
After learning how selling patties can help make Mr. Krabs money, Timmy wishes he made the best patty ever for Timmy to buy the super toy the Poof wanted when he went to the store. But customers are so addicted to the patty that Timmy accidentally runs Mr. Krabs out of business! How are they going to make up?
Schnozmo! February 28, 2009 6B 1212
After coming from a secret meeting, Schnozmo, decides to go to SpongeBob and Timmy to turn them into spies. But SpongeBob and Timmy goof up alot and want to quit, but not upset Schnozmo either. So Timmy and SpongeBob pretend to be spies to make Schnozmo happy, what happens when Cosmo reveals the truth about SpongeBob and Timmy faking it?
SuperSponge Away! March 1, 2009 7A 1313
Another boring day has come in the pineapple and Timmy and SpongeBob decide to play superheroes. But playing superheroes is boring when you cant fly or if you don't have powers, so Timmy wishes they were real superheroes. But then Patrick plays along being "PatBoy" and ruins the game whenever he uses his laser powers to destroy the ant on SpongeBob's butt. Then SpongeBob banned Patrick from the game. How will they make up to let Patrick finally be in the game again?
Out In The Cosmo's March 1, 2009 7B 1414
On a picnic, Cosmo eats a cookie a forgets to chew it and chokes on it. The gang needs help from Sandy to retrieve the cookie out of Cosmo. Then Sandy shows her new invention, a shrinking submarine to put inside Cosmo to get the cookie out. But SpongeBob and Timmy mess up and accidentally go inside Cosmo! How will Sandy guide SpongeBob and Timmy out of this mess while helping Cosmo?
Past the Second March 2, 2009 8A 1515
Everyone tries out Sandy's new invention, a time machine, right before the annual cook-off and the gang goes first, but they wind up in the future, meaning that Jim won the contest and SpongeBob lost his job at the Krusty Krab. But even worst, the time machine's broken! How are they going to get to their regular time and win the cook-off?
Gary's Playdate March 2, 2009 8B 1616
Gary gets lonely and has a playdate with Poof, but trouble comes when Poof only wants to have piggyback rides on Gary. Gary gets really upset and doesn't want to be Poof's friend anymore. This makes Poof sad and causes him to do some endless crying. How is Gary going to make him feel better so he could stop crying?

Season 2

Title card Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
Mr. Turner Sponge March 3, 2009 9A 117
After being ignored by the gang because of SpongeBob, he tells Timmy that he wishes he was SpongeBob and SpongeBob was him. The wish is granted. But trouble comes when Mrs. Turner is sad that her husband is a sponge and Timmy is sad that SpongeBob is a human but SpongeBob and Mr. Turner love their new forms, how will they turn back to normal without making them sad?

Songs: Change Back!

The Musical Genius March 3, 2009 9B 218

Squilliam, Squidward's arch nemisis, has come from graduating music school and challenges Squidward for a clarinet playing contest to rub the glory in. But Squidward doesn't believe he can do it. But Mrs. Turner encourages Squidward wo do the contest and made him believe that he could win. And at the contest, Squilliam is better than usual! Is Squidward going to win?

Songs: The Blue Danube

Finding SpongeBob March 4, 2009 10 319
Mr. Crocker and his class (not including Timmy) are on a submarine trip to find an underwater sponge to put in the classrom to study ichthyology (the study of fishes) in the classroom, but he finds SpongeBob and brings him to his class. Now Timmy and the gang have to get him back before SpongeBob gets disected!
Film Star Timmy March 5, 2009 11A 420
Timmy stars in Squidward's newest thriller: The Maniac of Terror as TJ, the ghost hunter. And gets so excited about it he keeps on practicing the ghost-blasting part on Squidward which makes Squidward want to fire Timmy. How will he do it? Meanwhile, Cosmo and Wanda and Poof teach SpongeBob how to ride a bike.
Breath of Filthy Nonsense March 5, 2009 11B 521
After a Krusty Krab party that Timmy and SpongeBob comes from, Timmy gets the mumps and says "I've got the mumps" and goes to Dr. Ive A. Boat Kid's Doctor. Meanwhile, Patrick thinks Timmy said "Throw everything in the dump" and so they all do, but when Timmy gets, he finds out that Patrick threw away the fishbowl with Cosmo, Wanda and Poof in it! Will they be saved?
Party Pooper Patty March 6, 2009 12A 622
In a Krabby Patty party Mr. Krabs is holding, someone eats a stinky patty and Mr. Krabs just throws it outside so it won't disturb the people invited to the party and to make sure they don't lose their appetite. But the stinky patty keeps coming back and back. How is Mr. Krabs going to get the 'party pooper patty' away from the patty once and for good?
Cross My Heart March 6, 2009 12B 723
After Timmy and SpongeBob keep on dealing wih broken promises, Timmy wishes that no one ever broke promises, but meanwhile, SpongeBob's ultra-rare Mermaid Man toy was broken by Patrick. And when SpongeBob asks him, Patrick is banned out of the house for 2 months! How're they going to make up?
Tootie's Cooties March 7, 2009 13A 824
After hearing Timmy decided to live underwater, Tootie goes down to SpongeBob's house and tries to kiss him. But SpongeBob doesn't want Timmy to be tortured by lovey-dovey-gooey-wooey stuff, so he tries to help him. Meanwhile, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Mr. and Mrs. Turner are interviewed on how they got gills.
Spongius and Pinkius March 7, 2009 13B 925
After going to a fancy toga party in Downtown Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob and Timmy wish to become Greek gods. But little do they know how to use their powers wisely. So how are Cosmo and Wanda going to stop them from creating chaos?
Dial 'H' for Heroes March 8, 2009 14A 1026
Because Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are old and they have very sore backs, they ask Timmy and SpongeBob to volunteer to do their job. But soon, Timmy and SpongeBob keeping throwing people into jail! How will they find out that superheroes don't HAVE TO arrest people?
Squidward's Sleepover March 8, 2009 14B 1127
Squidward goes to a sleepover at SpongeBob and Timmy's place so he could get the superdescrumptious wonderifical (now I'm making up words) chocolate cake (not a made-up word) recipe! But he likes how Timmy treats him more than SpongeBob! But how can he get the recipe WITHOUT saying thanks???
Airheads March 9, 2009 15A 1228

SpongeBob and the gang go to Dimmsdale. But they find out that Crocker is on the loose, the water helmets were leaking, they're lost in the city and they're homesick! (Well at least they're starting to be.) What will they do to go back to Bikini Bottom? Who will save them?

Sandy Turner March 9, 2009 15B 1329

Timmy gets hypnotised by Plankton and starts to fall in love with Sandy and makes SpongeBob jealous. The gang try to get Timmy to snap out of it but he can't. How will they be able to get Plankton to make him snap out of the hypnotism before the crush is permenant?

Mr. Magic March 10, 2009 16A 1430

Timmy teaches SpongeBob how to do magic.

Dark Knight March 10, 2009 16B 1531
A sea serpent comes to Bikini Bottom.

Season 3

Title card Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
Food Master March 11, 2009 17A 132
After years and years of Krabby Patties, customers at the Krusty Krab aren't satisfied. So Timmy wishes Mr. Krabs had the greatest cooking abilities ever! Now, he makes Krusty Dogs, Kiddy Kookies, Fruity-Tootie plates and more! And he is so satisfied, he goes into a cooking competition! But magic can't win competitions, so how is he going to win?
Ooh-la-la! March 11, 2009 17B 233

Mrs. Turner decides to create her own clothing company called "Mom's Magic Touch" but she makes horrible clothes. But in the wave of a wand, she instantly becomes the greatest clothes person ever. But the UBBECITH (Underwater Bikini Bottom Eccentric Clothing In Town Hall) persuades her to join. But magic cannot win competitions!

Squilliam VS. Sqidward March 12, 2009 18A 334

Squilliam returns as his band plays in the Bubble Bowl arena and Squidward can't listen to the rubbish so he dares Squilliam to a clarinet playing contest, all or nothing. But Cosmo doesn't think Squidward's going to win so he wishes he was even better. But then, Squidward's clarinet goes missing!

There You Go! March 12, 2009 18B 435

Because of Gary's super-fast speed, he becomes a waiter at the Krusty Krab. But slobber and goo cover the floors as the customers are steaming mad about it. But Gary's having so much fun! How are they going to be telling Gary that he is a horrible waiter without hurting his feelings?

Patrick School March 13, 2009 19A 536

Because Patrick has no money and he wants a Gooberberry Special, he creates his own school with Cosmo and Poof as his students. But Patrick does not know, reading, writing, math or anything! And Poof's in the wrong education! How will Patrick be able to stop?

Dull, White and Awesome! March 13, 2009 19B 637

Patrick and Timmy find a lost egg in SpongeBob's kitchen and searches around town for it's owner, but nobody claims it and Patrick smashes it, but that was SpongeBob's breakfast! How are they going to repay destroying his only thing to eat?

Lonely Violin March 14, 2009 20A 738

By being cast on a curse by saying "Loneliness", Timmy and SpongeBob experience the worst time of a lifetime with a sorrow tune, frowning faces, the world's smallest violin in their heads, and not knowing how to get out of it! How are they going to get that lonely violin out their heads so they can live the rest of their lives?

Songs: I Don't Wanna See...

Money! March 14, 2009 20B 839

Mr. Krabs isn't as rich as he used to be and trains to be the wealthiest man in the world. But Mr. Whoop is always hungry and always wants a Krabby Patty, and pay. But Mr. Krabs keeps ignoring him, how will he finally listen to the hungry, hungry customer?

Save the Worlds! March 29, 2009 21 940

Timmy and SpongeBob find out that Crocker is taking over Dimmsdale and naming it Crocktropolis while Plankton is taking over Bikini Bottom and naming it Planktonimus! How are Timmy and SpongeBob going to be able to turn everything back to normal without flunking it?

(Ha ha, little Crocker joke, aren't I speechy? Ha ha! Speechy, specie, Plankton? No?)

The Krusty Crock April 10, 2009 22A 1041

After finding out that every fairy in Bikini Bottom loves to go to the Krusty Krab. He transforms the Krusty Krab into the Krusty Crock! (He says that the "Krusty Crocker" was already taken.) But Cosmo gets captured! How will SpongeBob and Timmy save him?

Ribbits of Oz TBA 22B 1142

SpongeBob dreams the Bikini Bottom is ruled by frogs

# Title Airdate Overview First Appearances Title Card 1 Title Card 2
23 Trixiebob Tangpants / Born Again Turner April 23, 2009 Trixiebob Tangpants: Spongebob falls in love with Trixie and it makes Timmy jealous.
Born Again Turner: Timmy goes to the doctor for a checkup after eating a horrible Krabby Patty. Meanwhile Spongebob and the gang become superhero again.
Trixie Tang TrixiePants BornTurnertitle
24 Sponge Trouble / The Wrong Fairies May 2, 2009 Sponge Trouble: SpongeBob and Patrick go to Dimmsdale again and things start to change. Will Timmy be able to rescue them..
The Wrong Fairies: SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally gain fairy powers to help miserable kids.
SpongeTroubletitle WrongFairies
25 Twerp / The Crimson Chin Meets Mermaid Man and Barancle Boy May 12, 2009 Twerp: SpongeBob gets Vicky to be his babysitter..
The Crimson Chin Meets Mermaid Man and Barancle Boy: Spongebob and Patrick are too sick to play Mermaid Man and Barancle Boy so they hire the Crimson Chin to babysit Mermaid Man and Barancle Boy.
Vicky, The Crimson Chin Twerp! TheCrimsonChinMeettitle
26 Manic Games / Foop vs. Spongebob July 30, 2009 Manic Games: Spongebob and Timmy accidently swap brains after Patrick trips on Plankton's joy buzzer..
Foop vs. Spongebob: Foop comes to Bikni Bottom to take a horrible revenge on Spongebob.
Foop ManicGames FoopVStitle
27 The Anti-Fairies Who Came To Bikni Bottom / Wishbilles August 2, 2009 The Anti-Fairies Who Came To Bikni Bottom: On Friday the 13th the Anti-Fairies cause complete chaos in Bikni Bottom.
Wishbilles: Timmy and Squidward get held in a wild west town called "Wishbilles".
The Anti-Fairies TheAntititle Wish
28 A Abrasive Side / Cosmo's Earworm August 3, 2009 A Abrasive Side: Beacause he can't say no, Timmy wishes for a abrasive side.But now since he can't stand for being good, he starts to act very mean and he needs some help from Sandy.
Cosmo's Earworm : Cosmo gets a song stuck in his brain and he tries to get rid of it.
Abrasiveside CosmoEarworm
29 The Curse of the Fairy / Hooky Turner August 4, 2009 The Curse of the Fairy. A evil fairy wrecks chaos in Dimmsdale and Timmy and co. try to stop it
Hooky Turner: Timmy and Patrick play on the hooks but Spongebob tries to tell them it's too dangerous.
CurseofFairy HookyTurner

Season 4

This season is under construction. Please make episodes and add title cards for this season.

# Title Airdate Overview First Appearances Title Card 1 Title Card 2
30 It's A Clown's World / He Shoots, He Sponges January 12, 2010 It's A Clown's World: Spongebob and Timmy have a nightmare about clowns.
He Shoots He Sponges: Spongebob enters a soccer game in Bikini Bottom. Meanwhile Timmy discovers a new skill.
Clowns Clownworld Heshootstitle
31 Parickland / Poof Report January 13, 2010 Patrickland: Patrick builds his world after failing Krabby Land. Meanwhile Timmy visits the Big One.
Poof Report: Poof worries about his lines for a play at Spellmentary School so Timmy and Mr. Krabs help him do his lines.
Mrs. Powers Patrickland Poofreport
32 The Amusement Park / Patroof January 14, 2010 The Amusement Park: SpongeBob and the gang go to the amusement park.
Patroof: Poof and Patrick accidentally morph together because of Sandy's invention.
33 No National Poof Day / Ice Cream Day January 15, 2010 No National Poof Day: Poof is all alone so he plays with toys for the rest of the week.
Ice Cream Day: Timmy and Spongebob start an ice cream sale.
34 The Boy Who Would Be Pat / Kung Fu Cosma January 16, 2010 The Boy Who Would Be Pat: Timmy pretends he's Patrick because Patrick is busy cooking Krabby Patties with Spongebob..
Kung Fu Cosma: Cosmo pratices Kung Fu.
35 "FAIRLY ODD WIZARDS!" January 18, 2010 "FAIRLY ODD WIZARDS!": Timmy turns into Timmy Trotter and SpongeBob as Sponge Weasley.
36 Timbucktooth/The Planktonimous Side January 20, 2010 Timbucktooth: Timmy tells everybody the story of how he got his buck teeth.
The Planktonimous Side: Because of an argument with SpongeBob, Timmy wishes that Plankton had the formula!
37 Goo Goo Gas 2 April 1st, 2010 Goo Goo Gas 2: After failing another attempt in stealing the Krabby Patty Secret formula, Plankton decides to take out his old Goo Goo Gas invention, and turns Spongebob, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Squidward, Patrick, Sandy, Gary, and Mr. Krabs into babies. It looks like it's up to Poof to save them!
38 Goo Goo Gas 3 April 16th, 2010 Goo Goo Gas 3: Plankton loses his tube of Goo Goo Gas, But little does he know that the Gas has fallen back into Dimmsdale, turning everyone there into babies! Now Timmy must go back with Spongbob and save the town before the whole world gets turned into babies!
39 Squidward's Scrapbook April 28th 2010 Squidward's Scrapbook: Squidward tells Spongebob and Timmy about his childhood from the day he was born to right now. Meanwhile, Poof has a cold and Wanda tries to make him feel better.
40 Back to the Past (Again) May 2nd, 2010 Back to the Past (Again): Timmy wonders what would happen if him and Spongebob knew each other when they were born, and it turns out that Timmy and Spongebob are Step-Cousins!
41 No Cat for Pat May 8th, 2010 No Cat for Pat: Like everybody else in Bikini Bottom, they have their very own pets, But not Patrick! But to make him feel better, Spongebob lends Gary to Patrick for the day. No Cat For Pat
42 Failure For A Day May 15, 2010 Failure For A Day: Timmy wishes Mr. Krabs and Plankton could switch bodys for a day.
43 The Ol' Switcharoo May 29, 2010 The Ol' Switcharoo: Timmy and spongebob wish that Timmy was a sponge and Spongebob was a boy! (With gills)
44 Common Cosmo June 11th, 2010 Common Cosmo: Cosmo accidently gets turned into a planet!
45 Too Many Sponges! / Cowgirl Under the Sea June 23rd, 2010 Too Many Sponges!:Timmy meets another SpongeBob!
Cowgirl Under the Sea:Patrick is scared because he's met the new mean cowgirl in town, Jennette.

Perfect Patrick /Rock Bottom 2

June 30th, 2010

Perfect Patrick: Patrick dicides to become perfect.

Rock Bottom 2: Spongebob and Timmy accidently go to Rock Bottom.

47 Anti-Bikini Bottom /Flea Bitten 2 July 11th, 2010

Anti-Bikini Bottom: The Anti-Fairies create an Anti-Bikini Bottom!

Flea Bitten 2: Poof gets fleas on him and they start spreading everywhere!

48 Nega-Spongebob /Babysitter Krabs July 23, 2010 Nega-Spongbob: An alternate version of Spongebob tries to take over the Krusty Krab! Babysitter Krabs: Mr. Krabs voulnteers to babysit Squidward's baby neice for a big hunk of cash! First Apperances: Nega-Spongebob; Squidina (Squidwards baby neice)
49/50/51 Don't Be a Baby /Poofy Words 2 July 29th, 2010

Don't Be a Baby: After seeing how much the boys think how easy it is being a baby, Wanda transforms Spongebob, Patrick, and Timmy into babies!

Poofy Words 2: After bumping his head on a brick wall too many times while trying to get away from Spongebob, Squidward starts to act like Poof.

52 Schnozmo and Squidward /Auntie Gertrude Returns August 16th, 2010

Schnozmo and Squidward: Schnozmo accidently falls into Bikini Bottom and befriends Squidward.

Auntie Gertrude Returns: Timmy's Aunt Gertrude (From "Power Mad!") returns to pinch Timmy's cheeks and kiss him but Spongebob must defend him from her kisses!

53 Fatherly Love /Peek of the Deep August 24th, 2010

Fatherly Love: After seeing children and babies all around the town bonding with their fathers, Spongebob wishes all his friends to be toddlers for a day so he could practice being a daddy..But it's not as much fun as he expected....

Peek of the Deep: Timmy and Spongebob try and take little peeks at their Christmas Presents.

54 Oath to an Idiot /Landmarker September 1st, 2010

Oath to an Idiot: Cosmo vows to himself he'll never be an idiot again, but then the consequences come right back and bite him in the rear end!

Landmarker: When Poof gets a new box of markers, he writes and draws everywhere confusing everyone and causing destruction, humiliation, and most of all: TROUBLE.

55 Wanda The Unfriendly Ghost / Poof's Rocket September 8th,2010

Wanda the Unfriendly Ghost: Wanda gets in a bad mood after not getting a chance to finish the sculpture of herself she made; So she takes a bath to soothe herself, But when the sculpture gets accidently gets put in the sun by Spongebob and Timmy, it melts, making them both think that they had killed her. Then Wanda comes out of the bathroom (Still in a bad mood) wearing a white towel and powdered with body powder. And when she realizes they think they actually killed her, Wanda makes them do her every command. Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs is trying to babysit Poof.

Poof's Rocket: Poof takes Spongebob and Patrick to Yugopatamia.

! !0!1234567
56 Anti-Plankton!/SpongeBob's Fan September 17th,2010 Anti-Plankton!: Foop creates an alternate version of Plankton who wants to destroy Chum Bucket! SpongeBob's Fan:Tootie is falls in love with SpongeBob! Anti-Plankton Anti Plankton Titlecard SpongeFan
57 Barnicle Baby / Bikini Bottom Triangle's Wrath September 29th, 2010

Barnicle Baby: Barnicle Boy is accidently transformed into a baby by Sandy's new Youth Ray.

Bikini Bottom Triangle's Wrath: TBA...

58 Maniac Starfish Day /A Day Without Money November 3rd, 2010

Maniac Starfish Day: Patrick switches bodies with Poof!

A Day Without Money: Mr. Krabs tries to go a day without being cheap!

59 Fish Out Of Water /Love Stinks November 10th, 2010

Fish Out Of Water: Spongebob and Timmy must try to survive a day without water.

Love Stinks: TBA...

60 Odd Krab / Sandy's Dark Side TBA Odd Krab: Because Mr. Krab being hypnotized by Plankton, he isn't love the money and wants to destroy Krusty Krab, his restaurant. Can SpongeBob and the gang stop him?
Sandy's Dark Side: Sandy showing her dark side
Dark Sandy OddKrab
61-62 Truth or Buck Tooth TBA During a Timmy's birthday anniversary celebration, his 'see friend' accidentally get locked in the freezer.
63 The Unknown Singer /SpongeBob is Magic TBA The Unknown Singer: Squidward's cousin are coming to Bikini Bottom, and her sound are so good!
SpongeBob is Magic: SpongeBob being a fairy for a day.
Squidward's unnamed cousin.

Season 5

# Title Airdate Overview First Appearances Title Card 1
66 Good Morning,Cosmo! March 27, 2012 We Learn about Cosmo,s Morning Routine.
67 Fairy Geeks April 3, 2012 All the Fairies in the Universe have their 12,000th Anniversary In Bikini Bottom. Meanwhile,Patrick Tries to Help Spongebob when He Catches a cold. Jorgen,Cupid,Juandissimo,Etc.
68 A Mile In My Sponge April 6,2012 Timmy Wishes Spongebob was the Fastest Person on Earth. Meanwhile,Poof and Wanda Go to Oyster Stadium. The Giant Clam
69 Robo Sandy April 14,2012 Sandy Creates a Robot Form of Herself which Wants to Destroy Bikini Bottom. Meanwhile,Plankton Tries to get a Job at The Krusty Krab as Another Plan to Steal the Formula. Robo Sandy
70 Spellementary In the Sea April 19,2012 Spellementary School Falls Into Bikini Bottom Where they Meet Spongebob and Co. Spellementary School Students
71 Spongebob,s 2D Pineapple of Horror April 25,2012 Spongebob And Timmy Turn The Pineapple into a Haunted House.
72 Smarty Sponge April 30,2012 Timmy Wishes was Spongebob the Smartest Sponge in the world. But Soon He Gets Too Smart which Makes Sandy Jealous. Now Cosmo,Wanda,Timmy,Poof And Patrick have to Stop Sandy From Annihilating Spongebob!
73 Down at Goo Lagoon May 6,2012 Spongebob and Timmy Go to Goo Lagoon But their Plans are Spoiled when the Rain Comes. Meanwhile,Wanda Goes to a Family reunion. Blonda,Big Daddy,Etc.
74 Six Days Of S.P.O.N.G.E May 14,2012 Timmy Celebrates S.P.O.N.G.E With Spongebob.
75 Dinosaurs and Volcanoes and Swamps,Oh My! May 22, 2012 Spongebob,Timmy,Sandy,Patrick,Cosmo,Wanda,Poof and Squidward are All trapped In the Cretacous Period 65 Million Years Ago. Now They Have to Escape Before the Asteroid that Killed all the Dinosaurs Hits Earth. And Cosmo,Wanda and Poof Have left their Wands Back in the Present year,So they Can't wish them Back.
76 Dear Pixies May 31,2012 All the Pixies from Pixie World Are Now Invading Bikini Bottom! Pixies,HP
77 Invasion of the Dads 2 June 9,2012 All the dads From "Add a Dad" and "Invasion of the Dads" Have Kidnapped Spongebob! can Timmy,Cosmo,Wanda and Poof Save Him? All the Dads That Timmy wished up
78 Plankton and the Crystal,Part 1 June 17,2012 Plankton finds A Crystal and Uses it to Rule Bikini Bottom. Note: The Next 3 Parts will air on June 26th and July 4th and 22nd.
79 Plankton and the Crystal,Part 2 June 26, 2012 Plankton Kidnaps Cosmo,Wanda and Poof so Timmy and Spongebob have to Get them Back.
80 Plankton and the Crystal,Part 3 July 4,2012 Plankton Transports Timmy and Spongebob to a Haunted Island and they Must Escape.
81 Plankton and the Crystal,Part 4 July 22,2012 Timmy and Spongebob Defeat Plankton and they Rescue Cosmo,Wanda and Poof.
82 Poof,s Ick July 19,2012 Poor Gets an Itchy Green Dry Contagious Skin Disease which Spreads around Bikini Bottom.
83 Go young Eugene Krabs! July 10, 2012 Timmy Wishes Mr Krabs was a kid again so he could Have Fun again.
84 Baby Fishes On the Menu July 17, 2012 Timmy accidentally Turns Everyone in Bikini Bottom into babies and Doug Dimmadome wants to kidnap them For his New Restaurant the Anchovy Dippin Dippadome. Can Timmy,Spongebob,Cosmo,Wanda and Poof Save Them? Doug Dimmadome
85 Love Sponge July 30,2012 A New Girl Named Glaze Comes to Bikini Bottom From Dimmsdale and Timmy and Spongebob Fall in love with Her. who will Recieve her Heart? Glaze
86 Shiny Teeth II August 12,2012 Dr Bender steals Spongebob,s Teeth and It,s Up to Timmy to Get them Back! Dr Bender
87 Spongebob,s New Pet August 17,2012 Jimmy Neutron Sets Goddard To Water Proof Mode so Spongebob could Keep Him for a Day. But It,s Not easy Taking Care of A Robot Dog For 24 Hours in a Row. Jimmy Neutron,Goddard
88 Night Of the Living Turner August 21,2012 Mr Turner Turns into a Vampire!
89 Sponge Up! August 29, 2012 Timmy wish Spongebob was superhero, but become more popular than crimson chin. Crimson chin gets upset and quits. Timmy and Spongebob try to convince him to come back.
90 Bad Luck Sponge September 3, 2012 A Curse by Plankton causes Spongebob to have bad luck wherever he goes. So he tries to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. Can Timmy stop him?
91 The BritishBob September 3, 2012 SpongeBob's meet his cousin called "BritishBob J. SquarePants. BritishBob J. SquarePants
92 Squid Explosions April 8, 2013 Squidward Has A Viewing At Spongebob's House And Scared A Building A Bomb With Spongebob And Poof And Them Was A Destroy Squidward's House Timmy, Cosmo,Wanda,Poof And Gary to protect him.
93 Timmy's New Girlfriend April 11, 2013 Timmy Look He's Somebody Make A New Friends.
94 Impact Focus April 15, 2013 A Curse by Foop Because As Uncontroble Emotion That Timmy Vs Spongebob The Follow Violent behavior of Contrary to Forth.
95 Mover Or Flash April 18, 2013 Spongebob And Timmy We are Turn Into The road to Dimmsdale The roads Very Far From Bikini Bottom Mall And Trauma Because was electrocuted And explodes
96 Be New Milkshake April 22, 2013 Be Trixie Return to the Krusty Krab With Timmy And Mr.Krabs Trying A New Extra Size Milkshake He was Drunk After All Because By Prescription Spongebob and Patrick
97 The Interdimensional Clash July 5, 2024
98 Krabby Patty Love July 4, 2024 Trixie will again at the Krusty Krab. Timmy gets mad and makes Krabby Patty's love making love Trixie Timmy
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