These are episode summaries on Total ODD Island.


Episode name Plot summary Airdate Episode # Eliminated Challenges
Not So Magical Creatures Part 1 The competitors arrive in the Wand-a-Nakwa Island. The host Timmy Turner divide the contesters in two different teams, "The Screaming Goofs" and "The Killer Beasts" and shows them the confessional. ( AKA the restroom ) January 14, 2011 E1 No Elimination No Challenge
Not So Magical Creatures Part 2 There's a diving competition."The Screaming Goofs" team choose Juandissimo to compete, and "The Killer Beasts" choose Blonda. Anti-Cosmo cheats and the "Killer Beasts" wins. "The Screaming Goofs" choose Juandissimo and Jorgen Von Strangle and one of them will be voted off by the audience. It is chosen that Juandissimo will be voted off. January 21, 2011 E2 Juandissimo Diving Challenge
No Big Wish The challengers are waken up very early by Timmy and are told to run 20 kilometers. Mama Cosma nearly punches Timmy because she didn't get any sleep, but is held back by Anti- Cosmo and Jorgen. Then, in the confessional, Wanda confesses that Mama Cosma really needs to control her anger as she threw her suitcase out the window and broke the bathroom lock.After the long run, the campers head back to relax. Timmy then serves a enormous un- magic breakfast to the campers, which happily eat it up. The Goofs think they've won because they all arrived before the Beasts. However, Timmy reveals the real challenge was to see who could go long enough without sleeping OR using magic to stay awake. January 28, 2011 E3 No Elimination No Using Magic Or Sleeping
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