These are the episodes of The Timmy and Jimmy Power Series.

Season 1

Title card Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Jimmy Timmy Power Hour May 7, 2004 01 11
Confusion ensues when Jimmy from "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius" and Timmy from "The Fairly OddParents" find themselves transported to each other.
When Nerds Collide Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2 When Nerds Collide January 16, 2006 02 22
In both their dimensions, Timmy and Jimmy have a Friday the 13th dance party, and they both want Cindy to be their date.
The Jerkinators Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3 The Jerkinators July 21, 2006 03 33
Jimmy and Timmy become best friends and decide to help fight each other's villains, but when they get bored, they decide to make their own, named Shirley.
The Day Dimmsdale Meets Retroville / UltraFan February 21, 2007 The Day Dimmsdale Meets Retroville: All of the people in Retroville are teleported to Dimmsdale.
UltraFan: Sheen wants to see Ultra Lord, and Poof wishes him a Ultra Monster-Lord. Meanwhile, Timmy and Jimmy are being chased by Vicky.
It's Cosmo's Complication / Shirley Returns February 23, 2007 It's Cosmo's Complication: Cosmo creates a movie about Jimmy as a robot called The Attack of The-Wand-Tron!. Meanwhile, Carl gets super powers!
Shirley Returns: Shirley, from The Jerkinators, returns and fights Dark Laser.
The Legacy of Superbaby / 12th Birthday February 24, 2007 The Legacy of Superbaby: Poof becomes a superhero. Meanwhile, The N Men are back!
12th Birthday: It's Jimmy's 12th birthday. Meanwhile, Vicky plots to ruin it.
Jimmy Get Yer Gum / Cindy Cindy Quite Contrary February 25, 2007 Jimmy Get Yer Gum: Jimmy invents a new gum called Taffy Bubble Gum, a flavor in which you could blow giant bubbles. Meanwhile Cosmo and Wanda are caught with trickups.
Cindy Cindy Quite Contrary: Cindy falls in love with Nega Timmy and Jimmy must stop her. Meanwhile Timmy is trying to complete his homework
The Boy Who Cried Jimmy / Timmy for Mayor February 27, 2007 The Boy Who Cried Jimmy: Carl and Sheen try to find Jimmy in the woods. Meanwhile Timmy has a talent for winning video games.
Timmy for Mayor: Timmy Tries to Run For Mayor so He Could Impress Trixie and Cindy. Meanwhile Carl gets a flu.
Ultra Lord Meets The Crimson Chin / Manic Kid Day March 6, 2007 Ultra Lord Meets The Crimson Chin: While Sheen is at school, his Ultra Lord figure is transported to the Crimson Chin comic book. Meanwhile Timmy's buck teeth are loose.
Manic Kid Day: Jimmy and Timmy swap brains and Wanda tells it's all Poof's fault. Meanwhile Cindy tries to complete her test at school.
Lights Camera Ultra Lord / Clash of the Fairies March 19, 2007 Lights Camera Ultra Lord: Timmy and his friends try to film Ultra Lord. Meanwhile Poof is caught with chicken poofs again.
Clash of the Fairies: The fairies battle the anti-fairies at war. Meanwhile Trixie accidenty eats Timmy's fairies in her cereal box and Timmy, Jimmy and their friends must find them inside Trixie's body.
Listen Trixie / Kung Jimmy March 26, 2007 Listen Trixie: Cindy bosses Trixie around because she rejects Timmy. Meanwhile Jimmy discovers he has a talent for filmaking.
Kung Jimmy: Jimmy learns kung fu to defend Tootie from Francis. Meanwhile Timmy pratices for soccer season again.
The Jimmy Neutron Experience / Hey New Boy/The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 4 April 2, 2007/March 5,2013 The Jimmy Neutron Experience: Jimmy builds an amusement park. Meanwhile, Jorgen visits Cosmo and Wanda.
Hey New Boy: The new boy at school keeps on getting called at Francis and Timmy and Jimmy must defend him. Meanwhile all the Ultralord toys get recalled and Sheen gets worried.  Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 4: 

Season 2

# Title Airdate Overview Code
Libbeen / Best Singer Ever April 29, 2007 Libbeen: Libby and Sheen Fall in Love and Jimmy and Timmy must stop the Couple from Marrying. Meanwhile Cindy and Carl are camping.
Best Singer Ever: Timmy wishes Sheen was the best singer ever. Meanwhile the Turners play a game of chess
Evil Jimmy / Animal Business May 4, 2007 Evil Jimmy: Foop Turns Jimmy into an Anti Fairy and Now Timmy Has to Stop Anti Jimmy! Meanwhile It,s Mrs Powers Birthday At Spellementary school.<be />Animal Business: Jimmy, Timmy, Cindy, Libby, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Sheen and Carl are accidentally turned into animals by Jimmy,s new machine (NOTE: In case you're wondering, Jimmy is a squirrel, Timmy and Carl are dogs, Cindy, Libby and Wanda are polar bears, Poof is an alligator and Sheen is a monkey). 111
Prank-O-Media / Good Cindy May 10, 2007 Prank-O-Media Jimmy and Timmy play pranks all over Dimmsdale.
Good Cindy: Timmy wishes Cindy would not be mean to Jimmy anymore and it makes her treat Jimmy good. Meanwhile Carl adopts a frog.
Science vs. Magic / Dimension Intervention May 21, 2007 Science vs. Magic: Timmy and Jimmy debate over whether science or magic is better.
Dimension Intervention: Timmy and Jimmy are Stuck in Different Dimensions and they Must Escape if they want to See each other Again. Meanwhile, Libby and Cindy Go to the Carnival.
When Chins Collide May 25, 2007 When Chins Collide: The Crimson Chin battles The Nega Chin. Meanwhile Timmy and his friends battle their rivals. 114
Career Day / Cower Hour May 29, 2007 Career Day: Timmy wishes he was The Smart One so he Could Find Out what to Do For Career Day. Meanwhile, Sheen hosts a Sleepover, But No one Comes. Cower Hour: Jimmy creates a Hypnotizing Potion but when he spills it on himself, he No Longer Believes in Science! Meanwhile, Poof is Getting his 2nd Haircut. 115
Big Daddies / Underwater Heroes June 4, 2007 Big Daddies: Wanda invites her father over for dinner, but Sheen accidentally wishes for her father to be huge!
Jimmy uses a submarine to go underwater and help Timmy with his report about marine animals, but a shark attacks their submarine.
Brobot and Timmy / Jimmy,s Awesome Party June 10, 2007 Brobot and Timmy: Brobot is separated from his parents when a meteor breaks the moon apart and he lands in Dimmsdale and meets Timmy.
Jimmy,s Awesome Party: Jimmy Throws a party, and didn't expect Professor Calamitous to come.
She,s Big, She,s Mean She,s Cindybot / Calling all Clones June 23, 2007 She,s Big, She,s Mean She,s Cindybot: Jimmy accidently invents a Cindybot and it nearly destorys Timmy's stuff. Meanwhile Carl and Sheen are no longer friends and Cosmo tries to make them friends again.
Calling all Clones: Jimmy makes 10 clones of Timmy, Cosmo and Poof for a science fair project. Meanwhile Tootie falls in love with a Timmy clone.
Sheen of the Apes / 1 Week Without Magic July 2, 2007 Sheen of the Apes: Sheen gets kidnapped by apes and must use his karate skills to defend himself. Meanwhile Jimmy and Timmy are playing video games.
1 Week Without Magic: Timmy has to Survive 1 Week while Cosmo, Poof And Wanda Go to Fairy world to Renew their Licenses. Meanwhile Jimmy loses his tooth.
Baby Sheen / How I Became a Scientist July 15, 2007 Baby Sheen: Sheen gets turned into a baby by Poof and Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Carl and Jimmy must babysit him untill he returns to normal size. Meanwhile Cindy goes to her Grandmother,s Funeral.
How I Became a Scientist Jimmy tells a story about how he Became a Scientist. Meanwhile Libby plays baseball with Cindy.
Jimmy's Wished Up Friends / No Kids Allowed July 24, 2007 Jimmy's Wished Up Friends: Jimmy's friends are too busy so he wishes for wished up friends to defeat a robot created by Anti Cosmo. Meanwhile Timmy gets a C- again.
No Kids Allowed: Vicky sets up a "No Kids Allowed" club and the kids try to get in. Meanwhile Mr Turner becomes a sub at Jimmy's school.
Jimmy + Trixie / Uh Oh August 3, 2007 Jimmy + Trixie: Jimmy and Trixie get in a relationship. Meanwhile Timmy has a playdate with Tootie.
Uh Oh: Timmy Breaks Cindy,s Vase and Thinks he Did it on Purpose. Meanwhile Jimmy and Carl become spies.
The World is Full of Love / Mr Fix August 18, 2007 The World is Full of Love: After watching a love movie, Jimmy thinks the world is full of love. Meanwhile Timmy takes photos.
Mr Fix: Timmy learns how to fix broken toys. Meanwhile Jimmy and friends go to a concert.
Timmy Breaks His Leg / Vistors from Planet Poof August 31, 2007 Timmy Breaks His Leg: Timmy breaks his leg in an bike accident. Meanwhile Professor Calamitous has a New Plan to Get Rid of Jimmy.
Vistors from Planet Poof: Timmy and Jimmy dream about the whole world Being Ruled by poofs.
Neutron's Not Inculded / Dreams Don't Really Come True September 6, 2007 Neutron's Not Inculded: Cindy throws a party at her house and does not accept Jimmy to the party.
Dreams Don't Really Come True: Timmy has a dream about marrying Trixie but his friends don't believe it's true.
A Lump For Cosmo / Love That Invention September 19, 2007 A Lump For Cosmo: Cosmo gets a lump while playing with Timmy and Poof. Meanwhile Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad team up with the N Men to save Earth.
Love That Invention: Jimmy falls in love with an invention after he makes one.
Planet of the Babies / Timantha and Jimmenia October 8, 2007

Planet of the Babies: When Timmy, Jimmy, and the rest of the gang accidently blast off into space, they crashland on a planet ruled by babies. But when the babies see the grown-up intruders, they transform Timmy, Jimmy, Libby, Cindy, Carl, Sheen, Cosmo, and Wanda into babies so they would fit in. Now its up to Poof to save the crew before its too late!

Timantha and Jimmenia: After being made fun of because shes a girl, Wanda transforms Timmy and Jimmy into girls!


Season 3

Title card Title Original airdate Overview Code
Split Personality / Who Framed Timmy TurnerOctober 23, 2007 Split Personality: Jimmy Tries to Create A Sibling For Timmy.

Who Framed Timmy Turner: Timmy is thrown into jail for robbing a bank (It was actually Professor Calamitous).

The Nanobots,s Revenge / A Nightmare on Turner StreetOctober 31, 2007 The Nanobots,s Revenge: The Nanobots return for Revenge on Jimmy.

A Nightmare on Turner Street: Jimmy uses his monster maker to turn Chester and AJ into creatures on Halloween.

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